Armenian authorities do not consider danger of losing city of Jermuk  as resort of int`l significance - NGOs declare

 Thursday, January 25 2024 21:37
Armenian authorities do not consider danger of losing city of Jermuk  as resort of int`l significance - NGOs declare

ArmInfo. A group of public organizations and residents of the city of Jermuk opposed the  possible development of the Amulsar gold mine.

HSBC and Ashoka Joint Green Skills Innovation Challenge Launches in Armenia
 Friday, May 14 2021 11:40

ArmInfo.HSBC in partnership with Ashoka (international organisation that promotes social entrepreneurship) launched the first of its kind Green Skills Innovation Challenge. This global innovation competition is open to social entrepreneurs across 51 countries including Armenia. It will award 15 social entrepreneurs with a cash prize of up to $20,000. In addition, the winners will have the opportunity to be mentored by experts of HSBC and Ashoka on how to scale their innovation.

Nikol Pashinyan shared sensational news about Sevan
 Monday, May 10 2021 15:07

ArmInfo. "In the near future we will hear one of the most sensational news of our time", announced the acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on May 10 from the  rostrum of the parliament.

Expert: With the discovery of a new mine in Lori, you can forget  about the development of tourism, light industry and innovative  agriculture in the region
 Friday, May 7 2021 22:49

ArmInfo. For three years, the Lori region has been working hard on the development of tourism, light industry, innovative agriculture. According to Gevorg  Vardanyan, coordinator of the Center for Tourism Research and  Development in Lori region, over the past 2 years, even in conditions  of closed borders, due to domestic tourism, the Lori region has  managed to maintain activity in terms of tourist visits.

RUSAL has invested more than $ 1 billion in environmental projects  over the past 10 years
 Thursday, April 1 2021 10:58

ArmInfo. RUSAL, one of the world's largest aluminum producers, invested more than $ 1 billion in environmental projects between 2011 and 2020.

The Caucasian Nature Fund will allocate 1,920 million euros to  support the specially protected territories of Armenia
 Monday, March 22 2021 13:42

ArmInfo.The Caucasian Nature Fund will allocate 1 million 920 thousand euros to support specially protected natural territories in Armenia.

EU launches "Environmental Protection of Lake Sevan" Project in  Armenia
 Monday, March 15 2021 19:57

ArmInfo.On the 15th of March 2021, the official online launch event of the EU- and Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)- funded  Project "Environmental Protection of Lake Sevan" (EU4Sevan) kicked  off with participation of Mr. Romanos Petrosyan, the Minister of  Environment of RA, H.E. Ms. Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, Head of the  European Union Delegation to Armenia, and H.E. Mr. Michael Johannes  Banzhaf, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to  Armenia.

Andrea Wiktorin: The EU stands ready to assist Armenia in the  effective implementation of the government`s priorities
 Saturday, January 23 2021 13:05

ArmInfo.The EU stands ready to assist Armenia in the effective implementation of the government's priorities. EU Ambassador to Armenia Mrs. Andrea Wiktorin stated this  during the meeting with Minister of the Environment of the Republic  of Armenia Romanos Petrosyan.

Jozan Raphael: France is interested and ready to assist Armenia in  overcoming the challenges of climate change
 Friday, January 22 2021 18:18

ArmInfo. France is  interested in and ready to assist Armenia in overcoming the  challenges associated with climate change. This was stated by the  Head of the Representative Office of the French Development Agency  (AFD) in the South Caucasus Jozan Raphael during a meeting with the  Deputy Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia Anna Mazmanyan.  According to the press service of the ministry, during the meeting  the parties highly appreciated the cooperation between France and the  Armenian government, discussing in this context issues related to new  bilateral programs. "The Ministry of Nature Protection is an  important and reliable partner for us, and we are interested in  expanding the spheres of cooperation and the framework of joint  programs," he said.  The Deputy Minister noted that Armenia attaches  importance to innovative solutions in programs on climate change,  forest management, water resources protection, integrated development  and management of specially protected natural areas and attracting  specialists, their regular retraining, in this context, noting the  need for assistance from the French partners.

Armenia`s cooperation with the Green Climate Fund will receive new  impetus
 Wednesday, January 20 2021 14:54

ArmInfo. Armenia's cooperation with the Green Climate Fund will receive new impetus. The RA National Assembly at the meeting on January 20 approved the main  directions of cooperation between the republic and the foundation.

Expert: Armenia`s new water legislation should provide for  alternative sources of water production
 Tuesday, January 19 2021 13:09

ArmInfo.The Ministry of Environment of Armenia sees the need to revise the RA Water Code. In particular, it is reported that soon the department will come up with  a new bill to amend the Water Code of the Republic of Armenia, which  will be comprehensive and consistent with international standards.  Moreover, in this regard, it is planned to create a working group  whose activities will be to identify existing legislative problems  and propose new legal norms.

Armenia ratified the agreement on information interaction of the CIS  member states on the movement of radioactive sources
 Tuesday, January 19 2021 12:04

ArmInfo.The National Assembly of Armenia at the meeting on January 19 ratified the  agreement on information interaction of the CIS member states on the  movement of radioactive sources.

Romanos Petrosyan called on international environmental organizations  to assess the environmental damage caused by the war to Armenia
 Monday, January 18 2021 17:15

ArmInfo.RA Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan addressed another letter to the Executive Secretaries of environmental conventions, international  organizations and partners, drawing their attention to the severe  consequences of the 44-day war unleashed by Azerbaijan with the  support of Turkey and the involvement of foreign terrorists and  mercenaries. This is stated in the official statement of the  Ministry.

The Inspectorate for the Protection of Nature and Subsoil Discusses  the Possibilities of Tightening Control over Illegal Whitefish  Fishing 
 Monday, January 18 2021 13:54

ArmInfo.The head of the inspection body for nature protection and subsoil resources Gnel Harutyunyan held a working meeting with the heads of territorial and  structural divisions.  

New Public Council will be formed under Minister of Environment
 Tuesday, January 12 2021 16:13

ArmInfo. By the decision of Minister of the Environment of Armenia Romanos Petrosyan, it is envisaged to form new Public Council under the department.

FPWC launches 50,000 trees planting campaign in Artsakh
 Wednesday, December 23 2020 14:04

ArmInfo.The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets launched its We are our Forests campaign as part of its Aid for Artsakh project, in order  to provide emergency relief to the forests and ecosystems of Artsakh.  By raising $50,000, the FPWC will be able to plant 50 000  site-specific trees as part of its mission to protect and conserve  the biodiversity of the region.

Armenia and Czech Republic discussed opportunities for expanding  cooperation in the field of the environment
 Monday, November 30 2020 19:15

ArmInfo. Armenia attaches  importance to close interaction with international partners, in  particular with the EU member states on the issue of environmental  management. Armenian Minister of Nature Protection Romanos Petrosyan  stated this during a meeting with a delegation led by Ambassador of  the Czech Republic to the RA Bedrich Kopecky.  According to the press  service of the Ministry, Petrosyan presented the reforms launched in  various fields of the environment, in particular, in specially  protected natural zones, which were temporarily suspended due to the  martial law imposed in the country.

Turkmenistan advocates cooperation in resolving regional and global environmental problems
 Thursday, November 26 2020 11:43

ArmInfo.During his speech at the 13th Central Asia-Korea Cooperation Forum in an online format, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan outlined the position of Turkmenistan on environmental issues.

Ministry of Environment of Armenia intends to implement 6 programs  and 25 events in 2021
 Friday, November 6 2020 12:02

ArmInfo.he Ministry of Environment of Armenia intends to implement 6 programs and 25 events in 2021. Deputy Minister of the Environment Irina Kaplanyan stated  this on November 6 at a hearing in parliamentary commissions on the  draft state budget of the country in 2021.

Deputy Minister: Over the past two years, Armenia has managed to  minimize water releases from Lake Sevan
 Friday, November 6 2020 11:37

ArmInfo. Over the past two years, Armenia has managed to minimize water releases from Lake Sevan.  Deputy Minister of the Environment Irina Kaplanyan stated  this on November 6 at a hearing in parliamentary commissions on the  draft state budget of the country in 2021.

Armenian firefighters extinguishing fire in Dilijan National Park
 Tuesday, November 3 2020 12:05

ArmInfo. Armenian firefighters extinguish a fire on the territory of the Dilijan  National Park SNCO.