Yerevan Municipality urged employees of "Greening and Environmental  Protection" SNCO not to mislead public with false facts

 Monday, May 25 2020 14:47
Yerevan Municipality urged employees of

ArmInfo.Press Secretary of Yerevan Mayor Hakob Karapetyan urged employees of the "Greening and Environmental Protection" SNCO not to mislead the public with false  facts.

Whitefish stocks in Lake Sevan declined for the first time in several  years
 Friday, December 13 2019 16:24

ArmInfo. For the first time in the past few years, commercial stocks of whitefish reduced in Sevan. According to the director of the Institute of Hydroecology and  Ichthyology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of  Armenia, Bardukh Gabrielyan, at a press conference on December 13,  this year the commercial stocks of whitefish amounted to about 660  tons, while a year earlier - 740 tons.

Czech experts: Tailing dumps in Akhtala and Mets Ayrum can be  dangerous for local residents
 Friday, December 6 2019 15:05

ArmInfo. Tailing dumps in Akhtala and Mets Ayrum can be dangerous for ecosystems and local residents.  Executive director of the Czech "Arnika" Chemical Safety  Organization Jindrich Petrlik  announced this on December 6 in  Yerevan.

Dangerous situation in Lori: Czech experts found high concentrations  of arsenic in soil
 Friday, December 6 2019 14:59

ArmInfo. Czech "Arnika" Chemical Safety Organization revealed high concentrations of arsenic  in the environment and chicken eggs in the Lori region of Armenia.

Results of Teghut tailing dump  dam stability study will be beknown  in 2020 
 Wednesday, December 4 2019 16:59

ArmInfo. The results of the study of the stability of the dam of the Teghut tailing dump will be known in 2020. On December 4, RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan  stated this in parliament, presenting the Government's response to  the request of the Bright Armenia faction.

Interdepartmental Commission to implement a large-scale forest  planting program in Armenia
 Wednesday, December 4 2019 13:25

ArmInfo. An interagency commission will be created in Armenia to implement a large-scale forest planting program in 2020. According to the official website of  the Government of Armenia, the corresponding decision was signed by  the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on December 4.

In Armenia, measures will be taken to organize fishing for whitefish  and crayfish on Lake Sevan
 Thursday, November 21 2019 11:48

ArmInfo. In Armenia, measures will be taken to organize fishing for whitefish and crayfish on Lake Sevan. The government at a meeting on November 21 approved a  draft decision on the organization of fishing on the lake.

US Ambassador: Foreign investors take Amulsar into account when  making investment decisions
 Tuesday, November 19 2019 13:54

ArmInfo. The US approach to the Amulsar field is to ensure fair treatment for this project. The US Ambassador to Armenia Lynn Tracy said this in an interview  with Civilnet, referring to the situation around the gold deposit.   "I also emphasize the need for transparent and predictable rules, as  well as the need for predictability of adoption decisions. In the  end, these are situations that foreign investors will closely monitor  in order to determine the attitude towards foreign investors in the  republic in terms of transparency and justice, "the diplomat said.

Lydian: Claim on invalidation of EIA for Amulsar development program  rejected by Armenian Administrative Court
 Tuesday, November 19 2019 11:27

ArmInfo.  The claim to  invalidate the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) under the  Amulsar gold mine development program was rejected by the  Administrative Court of Armenia. This is stated in the comments of  the Lidian Armenia company developing the field.

Lydian International wonders when the promise of the RA Prime  Minister to respect the rule of law will come true
 Tuesday, November 5 2019 15:26

ArmInfo. Lydian International has responded to a decision by the Ministry of the Environment to limit the use of the Darb River waters in the development of the  Amulsar gold mine.

Minister: If Lydian Armenia company hid or falsified data on uranium  reserves at Amulsar deposit, it will face serious consequences 
 Tuesday, October 29 2019 17:37

ArmInfo. If Lydian Armenia  hid or falsified data on uranium reserves at the Amulsar deposit,  this will lead to serious consequences for it. This was announced on  October 29 at a hearing in parliamentary commissions on the draft  state budget of Armenia by the Minister of Nature Protection of the  Republic of Armenia Erik Grigoryan.

Germany will provide Armenia a grant of 1.5 million euros to study  the situation around Lake Sevan
 Tuesday, October 29 2019 15:31

ArmInfo.The German Ministry  of Education and Science will provide Armenia with a grant of 1.5  million euros to study the situation around Lake Sevan. Minister of  Environment of the Republic of Armenia Erik Grigoryan announced this  on October 29 at a hearing in parliamentary commissions on the draft  state budget of the Republic of Armenia.

Minister: The draft state budget of Armenia for 2020 does not provide  funding for the planting program of 10 million trees
 Tuesday, October 29 2019 15:30

ArmInfo. The draft state  budget of Armenia for 2020 does not provide funding for the planting  of 10 million trees, which was announced on October 10 by Prime  Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Minister: Samples taken from the Voghchi River indicate excess of MPC  of a number of heavy metals 
 Wednesday, October 23 2019 19:18

ArmInfo.Proceedings have been initiated on the fact of pollution of the Voghchi river in the Syunik region of Armenia caused by an accident at the metal pipeline of the  Artsvanik tailing dump of the Zangezur copper-molybdenum plant.  Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan announced this on  October 23 during a government hour in parliament.

Pashinyan: Armenia plans to double forest territories of the republic  by 2050 
 Tuesday, October 22 2019 11:47

ArmInfo. Ecological tasks and in particular the issues of ensuring the conservation and restoration of forests are among the priorities of the Armenian government. This was  stated by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on October 22  at the first ''Forest Summit: Global Action and Armenia'' organized  by the Armenia Tree Project and the Hakobyan Environmental Center of  the American University in Armenia.

The administrative court allowed Lydian Armenia to work, having  satisfied the lawsuit against the Department of Nature Protection and  Subsoil Use
 Thursday, October 17 2019 23:39

ArmInfo. The administrative court upheld the  Lydian Armenia lawsuit by the decision of the 2018 Department of  Nature Protection and Subsoil Use of Armenia. The court notes that  the previous actions of official Arthur Grigoryan, the former head of  the environmental and soil inspection against the Amulsar project,  are unlawful and cast doubt on his impartiality.

We saved water although had the right to use it: 30 million cubic  meters less water was taken from Lake Sevan
 Thursday, October 17 2019 16:05

ArmInfo.In 2019, compared with 2018, water withdrawal from Lake Sevan turned out to be below the threshold established by law of 170 million cubic meters - up to 140  million cubic meters. Armenian Minister of Nature Protection Erik  Grigoryan stated this in an interview with reporters on October 17  after a government meeting.

Armenian Minister of Environment cannot guarantee 100% safety of  Teghout Mine
 Thursday, October 17 2019 15:58

ArmInfo.Minister of Environment of Armenia Erik  Grigoryan does not have enough information to give a final answer to the question whether the Teghout  mine is insured  against situations similar to what happened today with the Zangezur  Copper-Molybdenum Plant. He stated this in an interview with  reporters on October 17 after a government meeting.

Situation at some abandoned mines is catastrophic: Armenian Minister  of Environment seeks financial resources for their restoration
 Thursday, October 17 2019 14:30

ArmInfo.  There are 49 abandoned mines and t tailing dumps in Armenia. Minister of the Environment Erik Grigoryan reported this to journalists on October 17 after a  government meeting.

Mine owners in Armenia may be punished with a minuscule penalty for  environmental damage - Minister
 Thursday, October 17 2019 13:50

ArmInfo.The outflow of waste into the waters of the Voghchi River occurred due to a pipe break in the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine going to the tailing dump.   This was reported to journalists by Minister of the Environment Eric  Grigoryan on October 17 after a government meeting.

Emergency in Syunik: Polluted water leaked from the tailing dump into  the waters of the Voghji River 
 Thursday, October 17 2019 12:06

ArmInfo.  "This morning we have an emergency - in the Syunik region, polluted water flowed from the tailing dump into the waters of the Voghchi river below the cities of  Kapan and Kajaran,"- Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated  on October 17 before the start of the government meeting.


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