Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia: Stepantsminda-Lars  highway is closed

 Saturday, April 10 2021 12:59
Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia: Stepantsminda-Lars  highway is closed

ArmInfo.According to the data received from the Department of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and from the Department of the Crisis  Management Center of North Ossetia of the Ministry of Emergency  Situations of the Russian Federation, the Stepantsminda-Lars highway  is closed. More than 348 trucks are reported to have accumulated on  the Russian side.

Stepantsminda-Lars highway is open to all types of vehicles
 Wednesday, December 16 2020 10:36

ArmInfo. The RA Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) has informed that some roads are closed in the Republic of Armenia as of the morning of December 16.

438 new cases of coronavirus infection detected in Armenia
 Tuesday, December 15 2020 12:30

ArmInfo.Over the past day, 438 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Armenia.   1.905 tests were helsd. 1486 people recovered.

Lullaby in memory of those killed in Artsakh: project Natural Reverb  and SCR
 Tuesday, December 15 2020 11:48

ArmInfo.he South Caucasian Railway Company and the Natural Reverb project initiated the creation of a video clip based on the Armenian folk lullaby  "Ruri". The video was recorded in the building of the "Yerevan"  railway station, which is distinguished not only by its visual  architecture, but by the unique acoustics of the main hall.

357 new cases of coronavirus infection detected in Armenia
 Monday, December 14 2020 12:21

ArmInfo.Over the past day, 357 new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified in Armenia. Over the past day, 1,373 tests were carried out.

From December 14 to 15, the air temperature in Armenia will gradually  increase by 2-4 degrees
 Monday, December 14 2020 11:55

ArmInfo.On December 14 and 18, no precipitation is expected on the territory of Armenia. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia reports.   According to the source, from December 15 to 17, light precipitation  is expected in some places, in the mountainous regions - in the form  of snow. Fog is expected in some regions at night and in the morning.   South-west wind speed up to 3-8 m / s. From December 14-15, the air  temperature will gradually rise by 2-4 degrees.

In Armenia, the total number of people infected with coronavirus  reached 147,312
 Saturday, December 12 2020 12:53

ArmInfo. In Armenia, as of 11:00am on December 12, 995 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered. Thus, the total number of people infected with  coronavirus infection in the republic has reached 147,312.

Grant of the Global Partnership for Education approved for education  reform in Armenia
 Friday, December 11 2020 13:27

ArmInfo.A grant from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) was approved for educational reform in Armenia. This is stated in the message of the press service  of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports.

Initiative "New Year`s Miracle for Children of Artsakh" launched in  Armenia
 Friday, December 11 2020 12:26

ArmInfo. The initiative "New Year's Miracle for the Children of Artsakh" was launched in Armenia, the goal of which is to fulfill the New Year's dreams of  children from all over Artsakh, including internally displaced  persons from Shushi, Hadrut and other occupied territories.

1077 cases of coronavirus infection detected in Armenia per day,  1,592 citizens recovered
 Friday, December 11 2020 12:23

ArmInfo. As of 11:00 on December 11, 3057 coronavirus tests were carried out in Armenia, of which 1,077 cases of infection were detected. According to the  Ministry of Health, 1,592 people recovered per day, died - 29.

Armenian government to pay lump-sum benefits to Artsakh citizens left  without shelter
 Thursday, December 10 2020 16:06

ArmInfo.Citizens of Artsakh who were left homeless as a result of the hostilities will  receive one-time benefits from the Armenian government. This decision  was made on December 10 at the meeting of the RA government.

Armenian government will cover expenses for rehabilitation treatment  of servicemen
 Thursday, December 10 2020 16:05

ArmInfo. The Armenian government will cover the costs of treating the servicemen who were injured during the hostilities in Artsakh and who need to undergo a  course of rehabilitation therapy. This was announced on December 10  during a government meeting.

Investigative Committee of Armenia opened a criminal case on fact of  failed assassination attempt on executive director of Armeconombank
 Wednesday, December 9 2020 18:44

ArmInfo.  The Investigative Committee of Armenia  opened a criminal case on the fact of attempted murder against the  executive director of "Armeconombank" OJSC.

"Aurora" launches a new project aimed at creating a support system  for modern heroes
 Wednesday, December 9 2020 13:01

ArmInfo.. The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative has launched its new Aurora Community program, following a thorough assessment of the Aurora Humanitarian  Network and its key areas of work. The Aurora Community will bring  together and support dedicated people from all over the world who  carry out critical activities at the local level.

1,385 people recovered from coronavirus in Armenia in 24 hours, 21  died
 Wednesday, December 9 2020 12:57

ArmInfo. Over the past day, 3,306 coronavirus tests were carried out in Armenia, of which the disease was confirmed in 1,138 citizens. According to the  Ministry of Health, 1,385 people recovered from the coronavirus in a  day, the number of deaths reached 21. According to the source,  currently 20,540 patients are receiving actual treatment.

The number of citizens recovered from coronavirus in Armenia is 2  times higher than the number of cases
 Tuesday, December 8 2020 12:34

ArmInfo.Over the past day, 584 new cases of coronavirus were detected in Armenia, while the number of recovered citizens was 1,498. According to the press  service of the Ministry of Health, 28 people died from coronavirus in  a day.

Steps to be taken in Armenia to fully apply the score system for  assessing road accidents
 Tuesday, December 8 2020 12:30

ArmInfo.Steps to be taken in Armenia to fully apply the point grading system road accidents. The RA National Assembly at the plenary session on December 8 in the  first reading discusses amendments to The Code of Administrative  Offenses.

The road through the Verkhniy Lars checkpoint continues to remain  closed for heavy trucks
 Tuesday, December 8 2020 11:04

ArmInfo. There are difficult roads on the territory of Armenia.  Thus, according to the  message of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of  Armenia, travel is difficult along the roads leading to the Amberd  fortress and Lake Kari. In addition, the passage through the  Vardenyats pass is difficult for heavy trucks with trailers. Travel  is difficult for trucks on the Spitak passes due to icy conditions.

Ryanair temporarily suspends flights to Armenia due to COVID-19  pandemic
 Monday, December 7 2020 18:02

ArmInfo. Ryanair, as well as a number of other companies, temporarily suspended flights to Armenia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is stated in the clarification of  the RA Civil Aviation Committee in connection with the reports on the  termination of flights by low- cost airlines to Armenia.

Head of Department: The program to solve housing problems of  residents of the Spitak earthquake should be completed by the end of  2020
 Monday, December 7 2020 13:55

ArmInfo.The program to solve the housing problems of residents of the Spitak earthquake should be completed by the end of 2020. Tanya Arzumanyan, head of the  Department of Housing Policy and Communal Infrastructures of the  State Committee for Urban Development under the Government of  Armenia, said this at a press conference on December 7.

Governor of Shirac: Disasters pass, but Motherland is eternal
 Monday, December 7 2020 12:18

ArmInfo. "Today we are re-experiencing the bitterness that fell to our lot in 1988 and we honor the memory of the innocent victims," Governor of Shirak region  Tigran Petrosyan said in his address dedicated to the 32nd  anniversary of the terrible earthquake in Armenia.