Serge Tankian to take part in a charity fundraising concert for  Artsakh

 Friday, October 23 2020 16:22
Serge Tankian to take part in a charity fundraising concert for  Artsakh

ArmInfo.On the initiative of AGBU and Creative Armenia, on October 26 at 21:00 (local time) a charity concert will be held online, the funds raised from which will  be directed to support Artsakh. The leader of the rock group System  Of A Down, Serge Tankian, announced this on his Instagram.

``Aurora`` will help Matenadaran present Armenian cultural centers  across the world  
 Thursday, February 14 2019 10:26

ArmInfo.Aurora Humanitarian Initiative continues to support the Matenadaran,  Armenia's national repository of ancient manuscripts, with a new  grant of $20,000. With these funds, the Matenadaran will commission  the preparation and design of an interactive table-map of Armenian  Scriptoria, Aurora Humanitarian Initiative's press service told  ArmInfo. 

"Independent Newspaper" addressed the theme of "March 1 Case"  long-rumored film by Roman Balayan
 Wednesday, February 13 2019 14:24

ArmInfo. The promised "objective, impartial film about the events of March 1, based  exclusively on facts" failed, a well-known Armenian journalist and  writer Ashot Ghazaryan wrote in his author's article in the  Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Independent Newspaper) about the film "The Case  of March 1". 

Street art and graffiti festival for the first time to be held in  Yerevan
 Thursday, February 7 2019 17:54

ArmInfo.In Yerevan, from February 27 to March 19, the Urban Art Festival will be held for the first time, organized by VisualGapGaller (Armenia), the Goethe Institute  and the Gangeviertel Art Center (Germany).

A small stage – Blax Box - will be opened at Sundukyan theater with Converse Bank’s support
 Monday, February 4 2019 16:06

ArmInfo.The opening ceremony of the small stage - Black Box - will soon take place at G. Sundukyan National Academic Theatre. The initiative was launched with Converse Bank’s support.

Jonathan Lacote: no one forgets about the Armenian roots of Legrand  and everyone is proud of his worldwide fame
 Saturday, January 26 2019 13:47

ArmInfo.French Ambassador to Armenia  His Excellency Jonathan Lacote made an entry in the social network Facebook in connection withthe death of an outstanding French composer and pianist with Armenian roots Michel Legrand.

The great French composer with Armenian roots Michel Legrand died.
 Saturday, January 26 2019 13:28

ArmInfo. The famous French composer, pianist, singer, three times winner of the prestigious film award "Oscar" Michel Legrain died at the age of 86 years.

PAFFP reports violations in the field of domestic cinema and proposes  to establish  State Cinema Committee
 Friday, January 25 2019 16:30

ArmInfo. Panarmenian Federation of Film Producers (PAFFP) stands for the establishment of the National Agency for Cinematography or State Cinema Committee.  This is stated in the official statement of the PAFFP.

Armenian show business did not respond to call of State Revenue  Committee to declare their income
 Wednesday, January 16 2019 16:08

ArmInfo.For almost half a year, none of the representatives of show business has yet responded to the appeal of the head of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia David  Ananyan to faithfully fulfill his tax obligations. Ananyan said this on January 16 at a press conference.

Today marks the 95th anniversary of Sergei Parajanov`s birth 
 Wednesday, January 9 2019 16:57

ArmInfo.Today, January 9 marks the 95th anniversary of the birth of film director, screenwriter and artist Sergei Parajanov. His films "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors",  "Ashik-Kerib", and "Color of Pomegranate" brought him a reputation as  a master of "poetic cinema" and made him world renown.