European Union to provide Armenia with funds to solve problems of  Lake Sevan 

 Thursday, February 20 2020 13:08
European Union to provide Armenia with funds to solve problems of  Lake Sevan 

ArmInfo.The European Union will provide Armenia with funds to solve the problems of Lake Sevan. At the February 20 meeting, the RA government approved an agreement  with the EU for signing.

ARMENAL received a certificate of international environmental  management standard ISO 14001: 2015
 Monday, February 10 2020 11:43

ArmInfo. Yerevan foil rolling plant ARMENAL (part of RUSAL) is the first of industrial enterprises of Armenia that have successfully passed certification  for compliance with the international environmental management  standard ISO 14001: 2015.

ADB is ready to develop relations with Armenia in the field of  biodiversity conservation and ecotourism development
 Friday, February 7 2020 10:46

ArmInfo.The Asian Development Bank is ready to develop relations with Armenia in the field of biodiversity conservation and the development of ecotourism.  This was announced on the eve of the meeting with the Minister of the  Environment of Armenia Eric Grigoryan.  Paolo Spantigati, Head of the  ADB Armenian Office.

A platform for water accounting will be created in Armenia
 Friday, February 7 2020 10:45

ArmInfo.A platform will be created in Armenia for accounting for water resources, strengthening control over water releases and raising public awareness.  This was  discussed during the meeting of the Minister of the Environment of  the Republic of Armenia Eric Grigoryan on February 7 with the  Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to the Republic of Armenia Ulrik  Tidestrom.

Armenia actively cooperates with a number of countries to implement a  program for planting 10 million seedlings
 Monday, February 3 2020 17:43

ArmInfo.Armenia launched the implementation of a program for planting 10 million seedlings.

Modern laboratory  increasing accuracy of environmental monitoring  opened in Yerevan 
 Friday, January 31 2020 17:09

ArmInfo.On January 31, the opening ceremony of the laboratory of the "Environmental Monitoring and Information Center" SNCO took place in Yerevan.

Several state non-profit organizations to be reorganized in Armenia
 Thursday, January 30 2020 13:28

ArmInfo. Several state non-profit organizations will be reorganized in Armenia. The  corresponding decision was made at a meeting of the RA Government on  January 30.

Armenian parliament ratifies agreement on conservation of  African-Eurasian wetland migratory birds
 Friday, January 24 2020 11:31

ArmInfo. Armenia will take all necessary steps to protect Afro- Eurasian wetland migratory birds. At a meeting on January 24, the country's parliament ratified  the agreement "On the Conservation of African-Eurasian Wetland  Migratory Birds."

On the territory of Armenia it will be forbidden to produce  substances that contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer
 Friday, January 24 2020 11:29

ArmInfo.In Armenia, it will be prohibited to produce substances that contribute to the  destruction of the ozone layer. At its January 24 sitting, the RA  National Assembly amended the law "On Substances that Deplete the  Ozone Layer" and related laws.

Deputy Minister: Armenia is the 4th in the region in the list of  vulnerable countries threatened by global warming
 Thursday, January 23 2020 18:39

ArmInfo. Armenia is the fourth in the region in the list of vulnerable countries, which is threatened by global warming. Deputy Minister of the Environment  Irina Ghaplanyan announced this on January 23 at a meeting of the  Parliament.

Environmentalist: Armenia does not pay attention to the issue of  climate change in terms of impact on biodiversity
 Monday, January 13 2020 18:00

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the competent authorities do not pay due attention to the issue of climate change in terms of impact on biodiversity. This was stated by  the head of the

Territory of Khosrov Reserve may enlarge by 8 thousand hectares
 Wednesday, December 25 2019 15:35

ArmInfo. The territory of the Khosrov Reserve can Territory of Khosrov Reserve may enlarge by 8 thousand hectares. Minister of Environment of the Republic of Armenia  Erik Grigoryan at a December 25 press conference announced this.

Minister: The level of Lake Sevan in 2019 increased by 6 cm
 Monday, December 23 2019 16:52

ArmInfo. Compared to 2018, the level of Lake Sevan increased by 6 cm (or 78 million cubic meters of water, Ed.). Minister of Territorial Administration and  Infrastructures of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikyan announced  this on December 23 during the final press conference.

Ecologist: 2019 was marked by an unprecedentedly active struggle of  local residents against mining companies
 Friday, December 20 2019 16:26

ArmInfo. 2019 was marked by an unprecedentedly active struggle of local residents against mining companies.

State of Lake Sevan continues to concern ecologists
 Friday, December 20 2019 16:24

ArmInfo. The state of Lake Sevan continues to cause concern among ecologists.  As  head of the Association for Sustainable Human Development, Karine Danielyan,  noted at a press conference on December 20, waterlogging processes in  Sevan intensified, which became especially evident in the last two  years, when in summer the blue-green algae literally captured the  lake.  

Whitefish stocks in Lake Sevan declined for the first time in several  years
 Friday, December 13 2019 16:24

ArmInfo. For the first time in the past few years, commercial stocks of whitefish reduced in Sevan. According to the director of the Institute of Hydroecology and  Ichthyology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of  Armenia, Bardukh Gabrielyan, at a press conference on December 13,  this year the commercial stocks of whitefish amounted to about 660  tons, while a year earlier - 740 tons.

Czech experts: Tailing dumps in Akhtala and Mets Ayrum can be  dangerous for local residents
 Friday, December 6 2019 15:05

ArmInfo. Tailing dumps in Akhtala and Mets Ayrum can be dangerous for ecosystems and local residents.  Executive director of the Czech "Arnika" Chemical Safety  Organization Jindrich Petrlik  announced this on December 6 in  Yerevan.

Dangerous situation in Lori: Czech experts found high concentrations  of arsenic in soil
 Friday, December 6 2019 14:59

ArmInfo. Czech "Arnika" Chemical Safety Organization revealed high concentrations of arsenic  in the environment and chicken eggs in the Lori region of Armenia.

Results of Teghut tailing dump  dam stability study will be beknown  in 2020 
 Wednesday, December 4 2019 16:59

ArmInfo. The results of the study of the stability of the dam of the Teghut tailing dump will be known in 2020. On December 4, RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan  stated this in parliament, presenting the Government's response to  the request of the Bright Armenia faction.

Interdepartmental Commission to implement a large-scale forest  planting program in Armenia
 Wednesday, December 4 2019 13:25

ArmInfo. An interagency commission will be created in Armenia to implement a large-scale forest planting program in 2020. According to the official website of  the Government of Armenia, the corresponding decision was signed by  the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on December 4.

In Armenia, measures will be taken to organize fishing for whitefish  and crayfish on Lake Sevan
 Thursday, November 21 2019 11:48

ArmInfo. In Armenia, measures will be taken to organize fishing for whitefish and crayfish on Lake Sevan. The government at a meeting on November 21 approved a  draft decision on the organization of fishing on the lake.


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