Wheelhouses of activists opposing the development of Amulsar  dismantled

 Tuesday, August 4 2020 12:40
Wheelhouses of activists opposing the development of Amulsar  dismantled

ArmInfo.Wheelhouses of activists, who oppose the development of the Amulsar field, have been  dismantled. As reported by the "Armenian Environmental Front", the actions were carried out by the new security service of the mining company "Lydian Armenia" - the organization "Special Security Service", which installed its own houses instead of the houses of the activists.

Pashinyan: Ecology plays an important role in terms of the country`s  economic and tourism image
 Friday, July 31 2020 11:02

ArmInfo. On July 31, Armenia's  Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced the newly appointed  Minister Romanos Petrosyan at the RA Ministry of Nature Protection.

Acting Minister: Fishing for 200 tons of Sevan whitefish will be  allowed until October 1
 Wednesday, July 29 2020 14:34

ArmInfo.Until October 1 of this year, fishing for 200 tons of whitefish will be allowed from Lake Sevan. On July 29 the acting Minister of Nature Protection of the  Republic of Armenia Vahe Jilavyan informed the journalists about it.

About 9 thousand seedlings planted in Syunik
 Monday, July 27 2020 14:10

ArmInfo. The implementation of the "Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia" continues. According to the RA Ministry of Environment, by the efforts of the Kapan branch of the  work was carried out to plant trees near the settlement of Tsav.

Ministry of Health: Analysis of Sevan water revealed no signs of  acute toxicity
 Monday, July 27 2020 12:35

ArmInfo. In connection with the  activation of blue-green algae in Lake Sevan, the RA Ministry of  Health, within the framework of monitoring the water quality in the  coastal areas, carried out preliminary toxicological studies, as a  result of which no changes were observed indicating acute toxicity.  This is stated in a statement by the ministry.

Ministry of Environment: Water bloom has started again on Lake Sevan  in Armenia this year
 Wednesday, July 22 2020 12:57

ArmInfo.This year, the process of water blooming due to blue- green algae has started again on Lake Sevan in Armenia. Deputy Director for Environmental Monitoring and Information of the RA Ministry of Environment Gayane Shahnazaryan stated this at a press conference in Yerevan on July 22.

Official: The Ministry of Environment of Armenia is implementing a  number of measures to restore the ecological situation around Lake  Sevan
 Wednesday, July 22 2020 12:54

ArmInfo.The Ministry of Environment of Armenia is carrying out a number of measures to restore the ecological situation around Lake Sevan. Voskeat  Grigoryan, Acting Head of the Department of Biodiversity Policy and  Specially Protected Natural Areas of the Ministry of Environment,  stated this at a press conference in Yerevan on July 22.

300 thousand trout fish larvae released into Lake Sevan
 Friday, July 17 2020 18:25

ArmInfo. In order to restore and replenish the population with the 

Facts of embezzlement of nearly 30 million AMD revealed in  "ArmForest`` regional branch
 Wednesday, July 1 2020 17:35

ArmInfo. In the "Forestry of Vayots  Dzor" under the "Armforest" SNCO the facts of the theft of almost 30  million drams were revealed.

French environmentalist of Armenian descent Jeanne Barseghian heads  Strasbourg
 Monday, June 29 2020 10:41

ArmInfo. Jeanne Barseghian, French environmentalist and politician of Armenian descent, was elected mayor of Strasbourg.

Technical assistance was provided to Zangezur Biosphere Complex 
 Thursday, June 25 2020 14:06

ArmInfo.Within the framework of the "Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia"   implemented by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia, technical assistance was provided to the Zangezur Biosphere Complex and Kapan Forestry.

Mouflons registered in Red List were noticed in  Biosphere  Complex 
 Wednesday, June 3 2020 13:58

ArmInfo. Armenian mouflons (Ovis orientalis gmelini)  registered in Red List were noticed in the "Zangezur"  Biosphere Complex in the Syunik region of Armenia. As  stated in the message posted on the <Zangezur's>  Facebook page, a  rare species was identified during monitoring.  

Lake Sevan may bloom again
 Tuesday, June 2 2020 13:57

ArmInfo.Apparently, this year Lake Sevan will also bloom again due to blue-green algae.

Yerevan Municipality urged employees of "Greening and Environmental  Protection" SNCO not to mislead public with false facts
 Monday, May 25 2020 14:47

ArmInfo.Press Secretary of Yerevan Mayor Hakob Karapetyan urged employees of the "Greening and Environmental Protection" SNCO not to mislead the public with false  facts.

GCF allocated funds for its first green financing grant program  in Armenia 
 Thursday, May 21 2020 16:44

ArmInfo.The Green Climate Fund (GCF) allocated funds for its first grant program in Armenia in the field of green financing.

Local residents turned to EBRD demanding to withdraw from Amulsar  program
 Tuesday, May 19 2020 13:51

ArmInfo.23 residents of settlements near the Amulsar field, through an independent IPAM accountability mechanism, appealed to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to withdraw from the Amulsar  project. The statement was joined by the international network CEE  BankWatch, NGO "Ekolur", NGO "Forest of Armenia", NGO "Green Armenia"  and the civic initiative "Armenian Environmental Front".

In Tavush, measures will be taken to protect the Red Book leopard
 Tuesday, May 12 2020 18:30

ArmInfo.In the Tavush region Armenia will take measures to protect the Red Book leopard.

For the first time in 50 years, a leopard was discovered in Tavush  region of Armenia
 Thursday, May 7 2020 14:07

ArmInfo. For the first time in 50 years, a leopard was discovered in the Tavush region of Armenia. According to WWF-Armenia, cameras in the territory of Yenokavan  village videotaped the Red List animal.

Erik Grigoryan presented the results of his two-year work as Minister  of the Environment
 Thursday, May 7 2020 13:50

ArmInfo.Now, the former Minister of the Environment has presented the results of his two-year work.  In his statement, Grigoryan noted that all the employees of the  ministry, despite recent criticism and often unfair treatment, did  everything possible to solve the problems inherited for decades.  

Expert: Erik Grigoryan`s resignation may be related to the mining sector
 Wednesday, May 6 2020 11:34

ArmInfo. Erik Grigoryan's resignation from the post of Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia may be related to the mining sector. This opinion was expressed by Inga Zarafyan, head of the EcoLur NGO, in an interview with ArmInfo.   The expert noted that the mining sector in Armenia has been under criticism of the environmental community for many years. Over the years, it has been repeatedly pointed out that in the mining industry the superpowers are involved, including the state leaders. After the "velvet revolution", strong changes and new processes began in this sector, which affected, in particular, Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine  and the Amulsar deposit. The redistribution of property, litigation and scandals, as well as the uncertainty in implementation of such large projects as, for example, the Teghout field development turned out, according to Zarafyan, to be a too heavy burden for the former minister. "Other sectors subordinate to the ministry in cannot be compared with the mining field in financial, economic and strategic terms," she noted.  To recall, on May 5, the President of Armenia signed a decree on the dismissal of the Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan. According to media reports, Grigoryan personally resigned.   

Government recognized the northern and Sevan water basins as low  water level areas
 Thursday, April 23 2020 16:56

ArmInfo.The Armenian government recognized the northern and Sevan water basins as low water level areas. The corresponding decision was made on April 23 at a  government meeting.


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