President of Armenia once again opposed the new property tax: it only  seems that any law is just arithmetic, but human lives are behind  this arithmetic 

 Thursday, July 9 2020 20:57
President of Armenia once again opposed the new property tax: it only  seems that any law is just arithmetic, but human lives are behind  this arithmetic 

ArmInfo.The constitution,  constitutionality, statehood are not just legal formulations on  paper, the next step is very important - their implementation. As the  Armenian President's press service told ArmInfo, Armenian President  Armen Sarkissian stated this at a meeting with a group of members of  the Professional Commission on Constitutional Reforms.

Deputy Speaker: Mikael Minasyan cannot be on the wanted list all his  life
 Thursday, July 9 2020 16:26

ArmInfo. Mikael Minasyan should  deal with the criminal cases presented to him, and not with his  assumptions about the work of 89 MPs. Deputy Speaker of  RA  Parliament Alen Simonyan stated this in an interview with reporters.

Alen Simonyan: Hrayr Tovmasyan will do everything in his power to  remain the Head of Constitutional Court 
 Thursday, July 9 2020 15:49

ArmInfo.  It seems to me that everyone  except us had some expectations from the ECHR. Deputy Speaker of RA  NA Alen Simonyan stated this in an interview with reporters.

Lawyers filed a motion to stop the criminal prosecution of Ara  Babloyan
 Thursday, July 9 2020 15:43

ArmInfo. On July 9, during the  court hearing, the defense side submitted a motion to stop the  criminal prosecution of former Speaker of the National Assembly of  the Republic of Armenia, Ara Babloyan.

Edmon Marukyan: of the authorities over the  Constitutional Court is a legally vulnerable process
 Thursday, July 9 2020 15:36

ArmInfo. The head of the Bright  Armenia faction Edmon Marukyan touched on the issue related to the  Constitutional Court. Marukyan touched on this topic on his page on  the Facebook social network.

During state of emergency, Ministry of Healthcare of Armenia will be  entitled to manage private clinics 
 Thursday, July 9 2020 14:52

ArmInfo.  During a state of  emergency, the Ministry of Healthcare of Armenia will be given the  right to manage health facilities, regardless of ownership. At the  July 9 sitting, the RA Government approved amendments to the Law on  the State of Emergency and the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Violations were found in Mghart Mine owned by "Multi Group"  concern 
 Thursday, July 9 2020 14:50

ArmInfo. Violations were  found in the Mghart  gold mine (Lori region of the Republic of  Armenia) owned by "Multi Group" concern.  

Justice Minister discusses institutionalization of anti-corruption  fight in Armenia with international experts
 Thursday, July 9 2020 12:41

ArmInfo.  The Minister of Justice of  Armenia Rustam Badasyan on the eve took part in a remote meeting with  the officials of the OSCE and UNDP Anti-Corruption Offices,  discussing with them further steps in the framework of the  "Strengthening Anti-Corruption Reforms in Armenia" program, and  creating the institutional framework for an effective anti-corruption  policy.  According to ArmInfo, representatives of some foreign  embassies in Armenia also attended the remote meeting at the RA  Ministry of Justice.

ECHR rejects appeal of judges of Armenian Constitutional Court
 Thursday, July 9 2020 12:36

ArmInfo. The European Court of Human  Rights rejected the statement of three ex-judges of the  Constitutional Court and former head of the Constitutional Court  Hrayr Tovmasyan v. Armenia. This was announced on his page on the  social network Facebook by the deputy from the fraction "My Step"  Ruben Rubinyan.

Prime Minister: Armenian citizen is not material for death from  coronavirus
 Thursday, July 9 2020 12:27

ArmInfo.  A citizen of Armenia is  not a material for death from a coronavirus. Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan stated  it on July 9 at a meeting of the RA government.

Lawyer: The court of general jurisdiction will again consider the  issue of the arrest of the head of the Prosperous Armenia party Gagik  Tsarukyan
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 20:51

ArmInfo.  The court of general  jurisdiction will again consider the issue of the arrest of the head  of the Prosperous Armenia Party Gagik Tsarukyan. Tsarukyan"s lawyer  Smbat Minasyan told this in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent.

"My step": There can be no question of any reduction in the powers of  the president
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 19:20

ArmInfo. Lilit Makunts reported that  at a meeting with lawmakers from the "My Step" faction, Armenian  President Armen Sarkissian proposed giving him the right to appoint 3  out of 9 judges of the Constitutional Court.  In an interview with  reporters, the head of the "My Step" faction stated that the Ministry  of Justice has recently formed a working group that is developing a  draft amendment to the Constitution.

Head of "My Step" faction: The latest speech by the President of  Azerbaijan contained blackmail
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 18:27

ArmInfo.  The speeches of Ilham Aliyev  practically do not change and are very similar to each other, the  head of the "My Step" faction Lilit Makunts said in an interview with  reporters.

Lilit Makunts: Our MPs continuously work hard to improve the quality  of their work
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 18:27

ArmInfo. Head of the "My Step"   faction Lilit Makunts said that the MPs from the ruling bloc   continuously work hard to improve the quality of their work.  In an  interview with reporters, Makunts stressed that the MPs carry out a  huge amount of work in parliament. <Our MPes work not only in  parliament, but also outside its walls. Some MPs are developing bills  in the regions>, the MP emphasized.

CEC refused to provide Bright Armenia faction with additional mandate
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 16:59

ArmInfo. The Bright Armenia Party  appealed to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) with a request to  return the 18th mandate to them. This issue is discussed during the  meeting of the CEC of Armenia.

Ararat Mirzoyan will gladly sign the law on the Constitutional Court  if the President does not do that
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 16:55

ArmInfo. Parliament Speaker Ararat  Mirzoyan said that if the president does not sign the law on  amendments and additions to the law "On the Constitutional Court", he  will sign it himself.

Decision of ECHR regarding appeal of Hrayr Tovmasyan can be made  within a week
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 15:55

ArmInfo.  The decision of the  European Court of Human Rights regarding the appeal of Hrayr  Tovmasyan and others can be made within a week. The representative of  Armenia to the ECHR Yeghishe Kirakosyan said this in an interview  with the  RFE/RL's Armenian Service.

Ararat Mirzoyan: Former members of the Constitutional Court may apply  to the ECHR
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 15:03

ArmInfo. Former members of the Constitutional Court, of course, can apply to the ECHR. Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan stated this in an  interview with reporters. At the same time, the speaker noted that he  did not know what decision the ECHR would take in this case.

Karen Sedrakyan was re-elected as a member of  State Commission for   Protection of Economic Competition of Armenia
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 14:19

ArmInfo. The parliament of  Armenia at an extraordinary meeting on July 8 re-elected Karen  Sedrakyan as a member of the State Commission for the Protection of  Economic Competition (SCPEC). A year earlier, he was elected a member  of the SCPEC with a term of office of one year.

Human rights activist: Only the new Constitution can restore  confidence in state institutions
 Wednesday, July 8 2020 12:41

ArmInfo. The existing problems and  a somewhat ambivalent situation around the signing by the president  of amendments to the law "On the Constitutional Court" are a  consequence of the development of constitutional regulations under  the leadership of Serzh Sargsyan with the participation of Hrayr  Tovmasyan. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo human rights  activist Arthur Sakunts.

Trial of former president of Armenia to resume on July 14
 Tuesday, July 7 2020 19:01

ArmInfo. The trial in the case  of former President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan and others was  postponed until July 14.


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