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Armenian President: Violence and atrocities against Armenians in  Sumgait, and then in Baku, Kirovabad and Maragh reminded the horrors  of the 1915 Armenian Genocide

 Friday, February 28 2020 12:05
Armenian President: Violence and atrocities against Armenians in  Sumgait, and then in Baku, Kirovabad and Maragh reminded the horrors  of the 1915 Armenian Genocide

ArmInfo. Violence and atrocities against Armenians in Sumgait, and then in Baku, Kirovabad and Maraga, resembled the horrors of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.   This is stated in a statement by Armenian President Armen Sargsyan on  the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the pogroms of Armenians in  Sumgait.


Acting Head of NSS does not rule out fact that in near future a new  wave of high-profile arrests is possible in Armenia

ArmInfo. Acting Head of the NSS does not exclude the fact that in the near future a new wave of high-profile arrests is possible in Armenia. Acting director of the  NSS Eduard Martirosyan stated this in an interview with reporters.

Acting Head of RA NSS: We do not plan personnel "purges"

ArmInfo. There have been and will be personnel changes in the National Security Service of Armenia, but there have never been, nor will there ever be personnel "purges"  here. This was announced on February 28 in an interview with  reporters by acting Head of the National Security Service of Armenia  Eduard Martorosyan.

Forecast: Lack of effective work leads to a serious drop in the  rating of power
Acting head of the National Security Council: Video "Azerbaijanian in Yerevan" is a resaulf of false mounting


CSTO Secretary General: Karabakh conflict is under continuous review  of the Organization

ArmInfo. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is under continuous review of the CSTO. The  Secretary General of the CSTO Stanislav Zas said this in Yerevan in a  conversation with reporters on February 28, referring to the  Organization's actions to respond more quickly to issues sensitive to  Armenia.

Yerevan: Sumgait crime laid the foundation for Karabakh conflict

ArmInfo. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia issued a statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the anti-Armenian pogroms in Sumgait.  So, the  statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, in particular, states:   "Today we honor the memory of the victims of the anti-Armenian  pogroms in Sumgait. At the end of February 1988, the Armenian  population of Sumgait was subjected to mass killings and atrocities  committed with indescribable cruelty.

Ombudsman: The massacre in Sumgait was only one of the episodes of  the genocide committed against the Armenians of Azerbaijan
Forecast: Robert Kocharyan, Serzh Sargsyan, Arkady Ghukasyan and Bako  Sahakyan will try to turn Artsakh at the heart of revanchism


A decision is taken to merge the Center for Armenian Spiritual Music  and the Komitas Museum Institute

ArmInfo. On February 20, at session of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, a decision was taken to merge the Center for Armenian Spiritual Music SNCO and the  Komitas Museum Institute SNCO.

Famous actor and director Yervand Manaryan passed away

ArmInfo.Famous actor and movie maker Yervand Manaryan passed away in his 96th year of life. The appropriate condolences  on their pages on Facebook in particular  expressed RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Speaker of the  Armenian Parliament Ararat Mirzoyan. <Rest in peace, dear Master!>, -  noted Pashinyan.

Konstantin Orbelyan again returned to post of Director of Opera and  Ballet Theater
New models of education will be introduced in Armenia

Zas: Armenia makes a significant contribution to ensuring collective  security within the framework of the CSTO

ArmInfo. Armenia makes a significant contribution to ensuring collective security within the framework of the CSTO.  Secretary General of the CSTO Stanislav Zas  said this in an interview with reporters on February 28 in Yerevan,  answering a corresponding question.

Armen Grigoryan: the issue of closing the border with Georgia was not  discussed

ArmInfo.A number of steps have been taken to Prevention, a working group was created led by the Deputy Prime Minister Armenia Tigran Avinyan, who is constantly in  touch with responsible structures of the healthcare system of Iran. 

Armenia`s Ambassador appealed to Russia`s Prosecutor General to start  an investigation into the incitement of ethnic hatred in connection  with the publication in the ``Nezavisimaya Gazeta``
Garibashvili: Armenian military  will take part in multinational  NATO exercises in Georgia


According to forecasters a March will be warm

ArmInfo. According to forecasters a March will be warm in Armenia. As Gagik Surenyan, the head of the meteorological forecast department of the  Armhydrometcentre, wrote on his Facebook page, the average monthly  air temperature in all regions will be 1-2 degrees above average.

Pashinyan: Samvel Karapetyan`s work against the policy of the  destruction of Armenian monuments in Turkey and Azerbaijan is highly  appreciated

ArmInfo. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a telegram of condolences over the death of famous specialist in monuments Samvel Karapetyan.

At the age of 74 in France, the former head of the Yerevan Brandy  Factory (YBF) Pierre Larech  passed away
Gastro-yard and museum of kamancha opened in Ashtarak


Minister: environmental and climate change programs are a significant  part of  Armenia - European Union relations. 

ArmInfo. In Armenia-European Union relations, a significant component is  environmental and climate change programs. This was announced on  February 26 at the hearings in the Parliament of the Republic of  Armenia on the implementation of the comprehensive and expanded  partnership agreement (CEPA) with the EU, Minister of the Environment  Eric Grigoryan stated. 

UNICEF "Youth for Climate Action" program launched in Armenia

ArmInfo.On February 25, the UNICEF Youth for Climate Action was launched in Armenia, funded by the Austrian Development Agency in cooperation with the ministries of education, science, culture and sports, the environment,  territorial administration and infrastructure of the Republic of  Armenia. The program is designed for 2019-2022.  

European Union to provide Armenia with funds to solve problems of  Lake Sevan 
ARMENAL received a certificate of international environmental  management standard ISO 14001: 2015

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