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Sargsyan: According to external intelligence, the Armenian Armed  Forces inflicted 4-5 times more losses on the enemy during the "April  war"

 Friday, August 7 2020 17:42
Sargsyan: According to external intelligence, the Armenian Armed  Forces inflicted 4-5 times more losses on the enemy during the

ArmInfo. Third president of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, in a short video entitled "Let's speak honestly: Serzh Sargsyan on the April war" part four told why, in his opinion, the Armenian side suffered so many losses in manpower during  the Azerbaijani aggression in April 2016.


Former deputy chairman of PSRC was also detained in  case of Robert  Nazaryan

ArmInfo. The Special  Investigation Service has provided new details on the case involving  former Mayor of Yerevan, former Head of the Commission on Regulation  of Public Services Robert Nazaryan.

Sargsyan: The revolutionary authorities ignored the diplomatic  achievements of the April war

ArmInfo.  Third president of  Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, in a short video titled "Let's speak  honestly: Serzh Sargsyan on the April war" part five, spoke about the  diplomatic achievements of the April war.

Amulsar defenders will not allow causing irreparable harm to ecology  of Armenia
Chief of  General Staff of Armenia watched the training of airborne  assault units


Speaker of Artsakh Parliament praises ICRC humanitarian mission

ArmInfo.  On August 7, Artsakh  National Assembly President Artur Tovmasyan met with head of the  Stepanakert Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross  Bertrand Lamon, the press service of the parliament reports.

10 more influential politicians join  Circle of Friendship with  Artsakh in Australia

ArmInfo.  Ten influential  political figures joined the Circle of Friendship with Artsakh in  Australia, including the former Minister of Finance of Australia, the  former Ambassador to the United States, as well as members of the  City Councils of a number of Australian cities, prominent scientists  and public figures, the press service of Artsak MFA reports.

Artsakh President positively assessed progress in combating  coronavirus pandemic 
Diplomat: We should never forget that having liberated Lachin and  Shushi, we lost Shahumyan and Martakert


In Armenia, it is planned to create historical and cultural  reservations "Capital Artashat" and "Capital Dvin"

ArmInfo. In Armenia, it is planned to create historical and cultural reservations "Capital Artashat" and "Capital Dvin". The corresponding draft was posted for discussion by  the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports on the  portal of draft legal acts.  

The House of Moscow in Yerevan will hold the cycle "Days of  Aivazovsky", timed to coincide with the artist`s 203rd anniversary

ArmInfo. The Moscow Cultural and Business Center (MKDC) "HOUSE OF MOSCOW" in Yerevan on July 24-29 initiated a cycle of onlinҐ events "Days of Aivazovsky". The initiative is timed to the performance on July 29 of the great  Armenian marine painter Hovhannes (Ivan) Aivazovsky 203 years old.

Atom Egoyan: "Golden Apricot" has become one of the most important  events in cultural life
Honored Artist of Armenia Hayk Melikyan to give a solo concert on the  occasion of Bastille Day

Head of  Fund: In just one day, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund  managed to raise $ 40 thousand

ArmInfo.  In just one day, the  Hayastan All-Armenian Fund managed to raise $ 40,000, which will be  directed to help the residents of Beirut who suffered from the  explosion. On August 7, during the discussions on how to support the  Armenian community of Lebanon, said the executive director of the  Fund Haykak Arshamyan.

Criminal proceedings have been opened in Ukraine in connection with   call to refrain from using  "Armenian Genocide" term

ArmInfo.  The State Bureau of  Investigation has opened criminal proceedings under Article 367 of  the Criminal Code of Ukraine based on the materials of an appeal  regarding an amazing message to civil servants about the prohibition  of even mentioning the phrase "Armenian Genocide" on the eve of  Memorial Day. MP Daria Volodina, ("Servant of the People" faction),  announced this on her Facebook page.

Political scientist: The personal interests of Russian do not completely coincide with the interests of the  Kremlin
Aeroflot announced cancellation of regular flights to a number of  countries, including Armenia in August


Human rights activists who oppose the development of Amulsar mine  were detained near government building

ArmInfo. Human rights  activists Ara Karagezyan and Nina Karapetyants, as well as other  citizens who oppose the exploitation of the Amulsar mine, were  detained  near the government building.  

ARF Bureau called on Armenians of the world to unite and support the  Armenian community of Lebanon

ArmInfo.  The ARF  Dashkantsutyun Bureau expressed unconditional support to the  fraternal people of Lebanon and the Lebanese Armenians in connection  with the tragedy in the port of Beirut, which caused serious damage  to the city. In the message of the ARFD, received by ArmInfo, the  Bureau also expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the  innocent victims, while wishing a speedy recovery to the victims of  this terrible tragedy.  Pointing out that the Armenian community of  Lebanon was and remains one of the the most important links of the  Armenian people, and which is always unconditionally donated the  maximum to the collective altar of our people, ARFD noted that the  community itself is now facing serious challenges.

233 new cases of coronavirus detected in Armenia
Gagik Tsarukyan`s Charitable Foundation donated 100 million drams to  families of compatriots killed in Beirut blast


Wheelhouses of activists opposing the development of Amulsar  dismantled

ArmInfo.Wheelhouses of activists, who oppose the development of the Amulsar field, have been  dismantled. As reported by the "Armenian Environmental Front", the actions were carried out by the new security service of the mining company "Lydian Armenia" - the organization "Special Security Service", which installed its own houses instead of the houses of the activists.

Pashinyan: Ecology plays an important role in terms of the country`s  economic and tourism image

ArmInfo. On July 31, Armenia's  Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced the newly appointed  Minister Romanos Petrosyan at the RA Ministry of Nature Protection.

Acting Minister: Fishing for 200 tons of Sevan whitefish will be  allowed until October 1
About 9 thousand seedlings planted in Syunik

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