Friday, March 29 2013

Azerbaijani Think Tank Does Not Agree with Idea of Unified Islamic Currency

Baku. Chairman of the Center for Economic and Social
Development (CESD), Vugar Bayramov on passing these days in Cairo (Egypt), the
next forum "think tanks" of Islamic countries opposed the idea of
release of a single currency and a single economic space in Islamic countries.
In his view, these ideas are without economic basis.

Introducing Online Azerbaijan as an
independent think tank representative, Vugar Bayramov spoke on "Economic
difficulties prospects of resource-rich Islamic countries." He stressed
that the Islamic world, where the science is not well developed and there is no
access to high technologies, inferior to the West in economic indicators. Gross
national domestic product of 57 Muslim countries is two times lower than the
U.S. GDP. According to the UN human development index, countries of the Muslim
world are not even in the top thirty. For example, Azerbaijan ranks the 82nd on
the index.

Besides CESD, Azerbaijan is also
represented by the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of

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