Tuesday, December 10 2013

Martirosyan Nana

Human rights are violated in Armenia on a systematic basis

 Human rights are violated in Armenia on a systematic basis, says the address sent by the annual demonstration of the Right to the CE Office in Armenia on Tuesday. 

The address says that in Armenia people are not allowed to freely elect their government. All the elections held in 2013 were a fraud. On Mar 1 2008 the authorities suppressed people's protest against an unfair presidential election. By doing this they violated their right to life, with nobody punished for this crime to date. The regime continues implementing illegal construction projects and imposing more and more taxes and fines. They keep violating the principle of free competition by suppressing independent economic initiatives and encouraging monopolies. High corruption has resulted in high prices for public transport, gas and other essentials. 

So, the address urges the world community, the Council of Europe and PACE to show solidarity with the people of Armenia and to force the Armenian authorities to fulfill their international commitments," says the address.

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