Tuesday, December 17 2013

Marianna Mkrtchyan

Artur Sakunts: Armenia's decision to join the Customs Union will seriously affect the Armenian-Georgian relations

Artur Sakunts: Armenia

Artur Sakunts, the head of Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office, recalled that president gave no explanations regarding his move. "We must state the president presented no justification of his unanimously made decision to join Customs Union on September 3. There is no explanation why we must join Customs Union", - Artur Sakunts said during the public discussion "After Vilnius: Confronting the Challenges and Identifying the Hidden Opportunities Ahead" held in Yerevan today.

The human rights advocate believes public debate must be held and it will be possible to find decision by ensuring real pluralism. Sakunts thinks that Armenia's joining the CU will seriously affect the Armenian-Georgian relations. "In fact, for Armenia, Georgia is the only way out from blockade, and undoubtedly we shall have problems with official Tbilisi if the latter signs the Association Agreement with the EU", - he said. 

For his part, chairman of the journalist club "Asparez", Levon Barsegyan, said that the events of the 3 September showed that in fact Armenia does not have a development vector. "As experience showed, for several years the country may negotiate for joining one integration project, and then suddenly radically change its course", - he said and added that Armenia has become so much weak that any country may take our country as it wants. 

Barseghyan thinks that Armenia has not fully stopped cooperation with European structures as the incumbent regime is fed on financial aid of the EU. 

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