Thursday, December 25 2014

Safaryan Ashot

Hayk Demoyan: Turkey tries to sow discord within Armenian Diaspora structures on the threshold of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide

On the
threshold of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, Turkey has been
trying to sow discord within Armenian Diaspora structures by all means, to
sabotage numerous events - scientific conferences, exhibitions and forums, and
these attempts are becoming obvious, Director of the Armenian genocide Museum-Institute,
Hayk Demoyan said at today's press-conference. 


<The Turkish party has drawn out a strict strategy
for neutralizing of the possible influence and actions from our side. These
attempts have been taken in two directions - the interference in the Diaspora
structures as well as parallel organizing by the Turkish party of the
"response" conferences and exhibitions in different countries of the
world, where the topic of the genocide is presented by the Turkish
interpretation. The second direction are the attempts to cause interior
distractions within the scientific circles of Armenia and Diaspora", -
Demoyan said. 


One such sabotage was taken by Hasan Jemal - a
grandson of one of the organizers of the Armenian genocide, Jemal Pasha. Demoyan
said that when he organized an exhibition of the Armenian Museum Institute of
the Armenian genocide in Paris, it became clear that at the same time Hasan
Jemal held presentation of his book in Paris and invited representatives of the
Armenian genocide to the event.  "Let
them think that I am a racist, though it is not fit a scientist, but I simply
call on our compatriots both in Armenia and Diaspora to remain unprovoked and
to be on the alert, as Turkish secret services are implicated in 9 out of 10
events organized by the Turkish party", - he said. He also added that many
representatives of the Turkish scientific circles have been purposefully trying
to implement quite dangerous theories about the "kind Turks which saved
Armenians". The purpose of such statements is to deflect attention away
from the key problem and escape discussion of the main topic. "By coming
of the 24 April 2015, the counteraction from the Turkish party will grow",
- Demoayn concluded.

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