Wednesday, December 24 2014

Manukyan Karina

Films on Armenian Genocide to be shown in 20 countries in 2015

on Armenian Genocide will be shown in 20 countries in 2015. The program is
being implemented by the Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival
with the support of the Armenian Ministry of Culture. 


Raffi Movsisyan, event coordinator at Golden Apricot,
has told ArmInfo that the films will be shown from February to June 2015 in
France, Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia, and Turkey (on the margins
of the Istanbul International Film Festival). 


Movsisyan says that meetings will be held with
historians, movie critics and filmmakers, who will discuss the topic of the
Armenian Genocide. 


In 2015, the events dedicated to the centennial
anniversary of the Armenian Genocide will include concerts, exhibitions, photo
expositions, etc. in Armenia and abroad. Armenian State Philharmonic Orchestra
and the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia will give concerts. 


Expositions on Armenian Genocide will be held almost
on all continents.

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