Wednesday, December 25 2013

Avanesov Alexandr

Expert: Armenian Government will not resign voluntarily, Armenian President should make Government resign

Expert: Armenian Government will not resign voluntarily, Armenian President should make Government resign

 The Armenian Government will not resign voluntarily. It is the Head of State that should make the Government resign, Gagik Makaryan, Head of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia, said at today's press conference in Yerevan when asked by ArmInfo to comment on Armenian President's demand that the Government must resign if it fails to secure 7% GDP growth.    

Makaryan stressed that the Government will resort to manipulations to come out of the current situation. If the Head of State fails to take decisive measures, this uncertain situation will "blow up" the state budget 2014. Makaryan is sure that the situation will aggravate in mid 2014 and will reveal problems that cannot be solved by the incumbent Government. The expert thinks that only 3 or 4 ministers in the incumbent Government do their job conscientiously.       

According to the expert, the country should secure twofold GDP growth. If poverty makes up 32%, the matter may concern 32,000 citizens, whereas the unfavorable balance of migration is 32,000. So, Makaryan believes that poverty is declining due to migration, not economic growth. Over 450 mln USD per annum is officially transferred to the republic and the population should have felt the effect of the transfers long ago, however, the citizens do not feel that. "It is not clear when and how these funds are lost", he said.       

To recall, on 18 March 2013, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said that the Government that fails to secure 7% economic growth must resign. Later, during his 13 Dec 2013 visit to the Armenian Ministry of Economy, Sargsyan said that he expects a detailed analysis from the Government in Feb-Mar 2014 after the National Statistical Service of Armenia sums up the socio-economic results of 2013.     

According to the National Statistical Service of Armenia, in Q3 2013 Armenia's GDP totaled 1 283,5 bln (up 1.4% versus Q3 2012). The 12-month inflation was 6.6% in November 2013. The state budget 2013 provides for 6.2% GDP growth and 4% (+1.5%) inflation.

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