Tuesday, December 9 2014

Safaryan Ashot

Expert: EEU has fewer members than EU and negotiating positions of its members are stronger and more favorable

Eurasian Economic Union  (EEU) has fewer members than the European
Union (EU) and the negotiation positions of its members are stronger and more
favorable, Nikolay Silayev, serious research fellow at the Center for Caucasus
and Regional Security, Moscow State University of International Relations, told
reporters, Tuesday.


The expert is sure that the countries that seek EEU
membership can bargain more favorable membership conditions for them, as the
EEU is a newly forming organization unlike the EU. Neither it would be possible
in the Eastern Partnership that implied an Association Agreement with the EU.


"The EU set certain frames and conditions, while
the EEU suggests combined work on development of mutually acceptable terms of
cooperation," Silayev said.  As for
Armenia's EEU membership amid the current financial and economic difficulties
that both Yerevan


and Moscow have faced, Silyaev said the ongoing
problems are of temporary nature, while integration processes in the Eurasian
area are forward thinking.


"I can see that the political and economic
leadership of Russia adopts smart decisions to overcome the current crisis. I
think the current crisis is connected with the wrong decisions we made in
2009-2010 after the global financial crisis rather than the complicated
relations with the West and the situation in the international area,"
Silyaev said for conclusion.

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