Monday, June 24 2013

Public Organization: Unexposed case of military doctor Vahe Avetyan's death - death of every Armenian

Unexposed case of military doctor Vahe Avetyan's death
- death of every Armenian, says the Armenian Revival Organization's German
branch in a statement disseminated, Monday. 


On September 24 2001 Poghos Poghosyan was killed at
the Cafe Poplavok in Yerevan after being severely beaten up by then president
Robert Kocharyan's bodyguards. Witnesses say Poghosyan was beaten up for
'improperly' greeting the president. Although Poghosyan was severely beaten up
by several men, only one of them, Aghamal Haroutiunyan, received conditional
sentence - 1.5 year in prison for 'reckless homicide'. 


On June 29 2012 Vahe Avetyan (Armenian military
doctor, Major of the Armenian Armed Forces Medical Service) died at hospital
while in come. He sank into a coma after a quarrel at Harsnakar Restaurant,
which belonged to then MP Ruben Hayrapetyan. The trial is continued.


On April 2 2013, 
Hrach Muradyan, head of Proshyan villag,e Kotayk region, Armenia, was
killed in front of the Village Administration. 
Preliminary investigation is still underway.


On June 1 2013 Avetik Budaghyan, former candidate for
Goris Mayor, brother of Colonel Artak Budaghyan, was killed by the son of Suren
Khachatryan (then governor of Syunik region, nickname Litska). The trial is
continued.  All those deaths are deaths
of everyone, the Organization says.


The authors of the statement say that the persons
behind those incidents are not among the accused ones.  The Organization calls for stopping the
outrage and impunity in the country in order those people realize that they
will not avoid the people's law, justice, and punishment. "They will know
that the entire nation throughout the world and in Germany supports those
people ," the statement reads.

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