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David Stepanyan

Political scientist: The situation in the region is dictated by the  coincidence of the strategic interests of Russia and Armenia

Political scientist: The situation in the region is dictated by the  coincidence of the strategic interests of Russia and Armenia

ArmInfo. The interests of Russia  and Armenia in the South Caucasus today directly coincide. But many  people simply do not fully realize this. Chairman of the Board of the  Yerevan-based Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional  Cooperation (ACGRC Stepan Grigoryan) expressed a similar opinion  to  ArmInfo, commenting on the statement of Armenia's Prime Minister  Nikol Pashinyan on the Armenian-Russian relations made in an  interview with RBC.

"In this light, I assess the statement of the Armenian Prime Minister  that "Moscow should understand that Russia's ally in Armenia is not  Pashinyan, Sargsyan or Petrosyan, but the Armenian people" as very  important and timely, especially today, when Turkey by hook or by  crook is trying to squeeze into Caucasian affairs. Of course, in  order to further destabilize the situation, "he stressed.

According to the political scientist, it is well known that the  interests of Armenia and Russia of a strategic nature coincide. And  those interests that do not coincide, according to his estimates, are  exclusively tactical, not strategic. In strategic terms, the  interests of Yerevan and Moscow dictate the preservation and  strengthening of stability in the South Caucasus. Armenia's vital  interests dictate its motivation in the stability of the region while  for Russia the presence of the North Caucasus in its composition is  also of vital interest.

In this light, the main thing, according to Grigoryan, in relations  between Moscow and Yerevan is not the degree of warmth of relations  between Pashinyan and Putin, but precisely the coincidence of the  strategic interests of the two countries. The latter, in his opinion,  allows for the absence of personal friendly relations between the two  leaders and allows, at the same time, to perfectly develop  partnership relations.

"It is for this reason that just a couple of days ago, the Russian  president, in a telephone conversation with Erdogan, warned him about  the possible consequences of Turkey's participation in Azerbaijan's  aggressive actions. This, of course, is not about unleashing a war  with Armenia by Turkey. The Turks simply could suggest the idea to  Azerbaijan, this time from the territory of Nakhichevan. However,  even this will not happen, since such a scenario is not in the  interests of Russia to the same extent as it is not in the interests  of Armenia, "the political scientist summed up.

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