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David Stepanyan

Former PM: By applying to the ECHR, former members of the  Constitutional Court will do harm to Armenia for the last time

Former PM: By applying to the ECHR, former members of the  Constitutional Court will do harm to Armenia for the last time

ArmInfo. Given the country's  constitutional crisis, lack of confidence in the Constitutional  Court, the fact that this court was the last bastion of the former  regime, it should inevitably undergo changes, Chairman of the  Republic Party, former Prime Minister of Armenia Aram Sargsyan  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

"And I don't understand why the members of the Constitutional Council  refused to accept the numerous solutions proposed by the state. These  people stubbornly continue to classify themselves almost as saints.   And if they try to convince society of their honesty, service to the  state and the people, that today they're fighting not for their own  welfare, I have to characterize this as a big deception, "he  stressed.

Sargsyan recalled how these very members of the Constitutional Court  did nothing, did not say a single word in 2004 in protest against the  neglect of the president to hold a referendum on confidence by their  own decision. They preferred to remain silent and receive a salary  for silence, rather than for actions. They, according to the  politician, preferred to remain silent in response to the shooting in  March 2008 of ten citizens. They knew about the pressure on some of  their friends and were silent again.

"They were silent until today and have done absolutely nothing in the  direction of restoring justice.  Therefore, these people are not  honest with the people. And today, intending to appeal to the ECHR,  they want to harm the state, harm the people for the last time. They  themselves know perfectly well that the Armenian courts are deprived  of public trust, they themselves do not trust them, therefore they  intend to apply to the European court. And I do not think that these  people deserve the pensions that the authorities are so generously  going to grant them, " Sargsyan concluded.

The National Assembly adopted the draft amendments to the  Constitution of Armenia, providing for amendments to the article 213,  which regulates the term of office of the chairman and members of the  Constitutional Court, as well as the removal of judges appointed  before the seventh chapter of the Constitution entered into force and  whose powers have expired. The project also provides for the  termination of the powers of the chairman and the appointment of a  new chairman of the Constitutional Court. Thus, Hrayr Tovmasyan,  whose 12-year term of office as head of the Constitutional Court has  not expired, will continue to work only as a judge of the  Constitutional Court. On June 26, parliamentary amendments to the  Constitution entered into force. Three new judges of the  Constitutional Court should be elected within two months.

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