Tuesday, June 30 2020 15:08
Ani Mshetsyan

Alen Simonyan: Some Armenian politicians were "hoist by their own  petard"

Alen Simonyan: Some Armenian politicians were "hoist by their own  petard"

ArmInfo. Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, expressed regret that  there was no generational change in the opposition after the "velvet  revolution".

On June 30, in a conversation with reporters Simonyan commented on  the union of the parties of the ARF "Dashnaktsutyun", "Prosperous  Armenia" and the <Hayrenik> party (Homeland, Ed. note)". <Their  unification reminds me of the actions of the opposition in Armenia  over the past 30 years. There were all kinds of associations of  various figures and parties, memorandums were signed, then there were  quarrels, grievances, and so on in a circle. It's a pity that  political forces and people who could use a different strategy in  their work and objectively evaluate reality act differently. They see  the reality for which they were paid>, -he stressed.

The Deputy Speaker also stated that 90% of the media in Armenia are  unprofitable business. <After the revolution, Robert Kocharyan,  Mikael Minasyan and a number of other persons entered into a sale and  purchase agreement. All this is done with one goal, to promote the  political interests of these individuals.  These media pay for the  latter to create an alternative reality. Subsequently, these  politicians politicians were "hoist by their own petard". These  politicians read their press, watch their channels and believe that  the government's rating is very low, and their rating, on the  contrary, is very high. In fact, they are not in the political field  of Armenia, their place is in the kitchen, sometimes in the prison  cell,> Simonyan concluded.

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