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Karina Manukyan

Gagik Beglaryan`s brother put on the wanted list

Gagik Beglaryan`s brother put on the wanted list

ArmInfo. Former Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Armenia Gagik Beglaryan's brotherYuri Beglaryan, is on the wanted list According to  the Investigative Committee, a number of circumstances have been  revealed in the framework of the criminal case investigated in  connection with the apparent abuses committed by the director of the  Sport Center of National Teams CJSC.

To note, this position is occupied by Yuri Beglaryan. Based on the  sufficient evidence obtained, the director of the CJSC was accused  under part 2 of article 308 (abuse of power that entailed serious  consequences) and under article 310 (illegal participation in  entrepreneurial activity) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of  Armenia.

Arrest was selected as a measure of restraint against him, and he was  put on the wanted list.  In particular, the director of the company  deliberately, based on personal and group interests, founded   "OLIMPIAKAN APAGA" LLC in 2007, which received state registration,  and since 2015, his wife became the full owner of the shares. 

According to the investigation, in May 2007, he signed a 25-year  lease agreement with the director of "OLIMPIAKAN APAGA" LLC at a  price substantially lower than the market price, according to which  the building of 6580.8 sq. m owned by the CJSC, and a land area of  1.1807 hectares located at Yerevan, Tsitsernakaberd highway 4 was  transferred to the company. After the entry into force of the  contract, the lessee of the indicated territory undertook to carry  out repairs and improvement of property and landscaping of adjacent  territories within 5 years, and the envisaged investments , according  to the contract, should have been 162.200.000 drams. Meanwhile, from  the second half of 2015, the rent stipulated by the contract was not  paid, and the debt as of June 30, 2019 amounted to 13.5 million  drams. For its part, the CJSC did not take measures to hold this  company liable for failure to fulfill these and other obligations  specified in the contract, as a result of which the damage caused to  the CJSC amounted to 85.5 million drams. In addition, the director of  the CJSC, using his official position, participated through the proxy  in the establishment of Vostochny Oasis LLC in 1996 (in 2000, 100% of  the organization belonged to the director of the CJSC), which,  without paying the rent, was engaged in the Sports center business  services (hotel and cafe). The preliminary investigation continues. 

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