Saturday, May 30 2020 12:54
Alexandr Avanesov

Father of Armenian parliament member died from COVID-19 

Father of Armenian parliament member died from COVID-19 

ArmInfo.. Father of MP from the "My Step" faction Hayk Konjoryan died. Fatal outcome recorded from coronavirus.

The Vice-Speaker of the Armenian parliament, Alen Simonyan, who was  present at the funeral ceremony, wrote on his Facebook page: "I just  left the funeral ceremony of one of my friends' fathers. The latter  died from coronavirus. The coffin was closed and the autopsy was not  carried out. There were not many people and it is clear whe were  those present wearing masks and gloves. Please follow the basic  rules, we don't need to see such cases with our own eyes to  understand the seriousness of the problem. We just have to wear masks  and gloves. Please."

It should be noted that according to the latest data on May 30, 7 new  lethal outcomes were recorded in Armenia from COVID-19, 20 people  were cured.

A total of 8927 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the republic,  5435 people received l treatment, 3317 patients recovered, 127  citizens died. 3 fatalities were reported yesterday. In all cases,  the presence of COVID-19 was confirmed, but the death reason in these  cases was other diseases. 48 similar cases were recorded.

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