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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Lawyer: Manvel Grigoryan is in critical condition

Lawyer: Manvel Grigoryan is in critical condition

ArmInfo.The former MP, the former head of the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union, General Manvel Grigoryan is in an extremely grave condition. This is stated in the  statement of the defense of Grigoryan.

Thus, according to the statement of General Manvel's lawyer - Levon  Baghdasaryan, the state of his client worsened sharply the day  before, on April 12.

"Long-term treatment only preserved the disease, meanwhile, the  results of recent examinations indicate a deterioration in the state  of my client and negative dynamics," Baghdasaryan said in a  statement, while emphasizing that the deterioration in Grigoryan's  health is not due to the inaction of doctors, but to the lack of  necessary drugs and equipment in the RA for treatment. At the same  time, the lawyer emphasized that there are risks that Grigoryan will  die if he does not receive the necessary treatment abroad.

Pointing out the unwillingness of the court and the Minister of  Health to somehow facilitate the sending of Grigoryan to France for  treatment, Baghdasaryan emphasized that the Republic of Armenia bears  all responsibility for the consequences of the sharp deterioration in  Grigoryan's health.

It should be noted that Manvel Grigoryan is accused of illegal  possession of weapons and ammunition by prior conspiracy with his  wife Nazik Amiryan, son Arman Grigoryan and other persons not  clarified by the investigation. As well as the appropriation of  property allocated for the needs of military personnel and volunteers  protecting the borders of the Republic of Artsakh in the April  four-day war and the following days; tax evasion; squandering public  funds and organizing property theft with extortion. The investigation  of the highlighted part of the criminal case against Manvel Grigoryan  and his wife Nazik Amiryan has been completed, the case has been sent  to court, and Grigoryan's son, Arman Grigoryan, has been put on the  wanted list. It should also be noted that during his stay in custody,  Grigoryan was repeatedly placed in medical institutions for  treatment. 

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