Tuesday, April 7 2020 16:15
Karina Manukyan

9 prisoners were released due to COVID-19 risk

9 prisoners were released due to COVID-19 risk

ArmInfo. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, 9 prisoners were released in Armenia.

As Advisor to the RA Prosecutor General Gor Abrahamyan noted on his  Facebook page, the corresponding initiative is carried out by the  Prosecutor's Office in relation to persons under preliminary arrest.

In particular, 11 prisoners receiving medical care were allocated as  well as 9 prisoners in other penitentiary institutions. Each of them  has serious and / or chronic, or combined diseases.

Earlier, the decisions of prosecutors from arrest on their own  recognizance were changed preventive measures against 3 defendants  who are involved in cases under investigation. Now, the corresponding  requests of the prosecutors regarding 6 more prisoners have been  satisfied. It is noted that this process will continue.

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