Thursday, April 2 2020 17:58
Karina Manukyan

Several patients with coronavirus are in critical condition

Several patients with coronavirus are in critical condition

ArmInfo. Several patients with coronavirus are in critical condition and are connected to a artificial respirating unit At a press conference on April 2, RA  Minister of Healthcare Arsen Torosyan reported on five such cases,  but subsequently it became known about the death of one patient. The  majority of patients connected to the artificial respirating unit,   are elderly citizens who also have chronic diseases.

Meanwhile, one patient, whose condition is assessed as extremely  severe, is a young age. According to the minister, his diseases, in  addition to COVID-19, are being clarified, since in his case SARS  developed.  In total, currently in Armenia there are 55 artificial  respirating units allocated specifically for the treatment of  patients with coronavirus. Another 20 additional artificial  respirating units will be involved due to the involvement of the Surb  Grigor Lusavorich MC in the treatment of COVID-19. 

In addition, about 100 artificial respirating units will arrive from  China to Armenia by special flight, and another 50 will be delivered  from mid-April to mid-May. Meanwhile, Torosyan expressed hope that  their use would not be necessary in connection with the measures  taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Armenia. The Minister  also touched upon the current situation in the republic, when  COVID-19 was not detected in only one region of Armenia -  Gegharkunik. According to him, this circumstance should not be  regarded as an advantage, since coronavirus can be diagnosed at any  time in any resident of the region.

Torosyan also informed about cases of coronavirus infected doctors,  noting that at times they were infected not at the place of work, in  contact with virus carriers, but through household contacts.  Later,  on his Facebook page, the minister shared a video on the construction  of a module for 42 rooms for citizens awaiting diagnosis at the Nork  Infectious Diseases Hospital in 10 days. Prior to this, individuals  expected a COVID-19 test response in a hotel specially designated for  this purpose, since it takes 24-48 hours to get the result. 

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