Wednesday, April 1 2020 18:51
Karina Manukyan

Minister: No cases of COVID-19 were detected in the penitentiaries 

Minister: No cases of COVID-19 were detected in the penitentiaries 

ArmInfo. To date, no cases of coronavirus have been detected in the penitentiary institutions of Armenia. RA Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan announced this at a  press conference on April 1, adding that a number of tests for  COVID-19 were conducted at the penitentiaries.

According to him, measures are being taken in penitentiary  institutions to prevent the penetration of the virus. Answering the  question of whether Armenia, in connection with the situation with  the coronavirus, can follow Iran's example and declare an amnesty for  prisoners, the minister noted that high prison load could be the  basis for such decisions. Given that in Armenia this indicator is  43-44%, there is no need for such radical measures.

To recall, in order to prevent the possibility of penetration of the  coronavirus into the territory of the penitentiary institution, a ban  was imposed on visiting prisoners by their relatives and friends.  Meanwhile, the possibility of communication is provided through video  calls. In addition, a ban has been introduced on the receipt of  parcels for prisoners, and when entering and leaving the detention  center, everyone, including employees of penitentiary institutions,  measure their temperature. For preventive purposes, disinfection of  premises and territories is also carried out.

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