Thursday, March 26 2020 12:13
Ani Mshetsyan

Nikol Pashinyan: Serious progress in democracy and economic freedom  recorded in Armenia

Nikol Pashinyan: Serious progress in democracy and economic freedom  recorded in Armenia

ArmInfo. Significant progress is constantly being recorded in Armenia. This was stated live on his page on the social network Facebook by Prime Minister of Armenia  Nikol Pashinyan.

He noted that at first he would like to address two important  achievements of Armenia. "First, the Varieties of Democracy Dataset  initiative published the World Democracy Report for 2020, which noted  that, despite the fact that authoritarianism has been growing  throughout the world, Armenia recorded high democratic indicators in  2019," Pashinyan emphasized.

The prime minister said that the report has the following wording:  .

Pashinyan added that the most important thing is not even the  assessment itself, but clear indicators that indicate an improvement  in the country's situation in this area.

The report also includes the liberal component, in which Armenia  moved from the 125th place to the 61st place. Then equality of rights  follows, and here we have progress, we have moved from 63rd place to  40th.  From the point of view of the component of consultative  democracy, Armenia has risen from the 113th position to the 31st>, he  noted.

After that, the prime minister touched on yet another regular report,  Index of Economic Freedom - 2020, prepared by the Heritage Foundation  and published on March 17. According to Pashinyan, Armenia also  expected success in this report. As indicated in the report, if  earlier our country was considered moderately free, then in 2020, it  has become a country with a predominantly (mostly) free economy. In  the Heritage Foundation rating, Armenia from 47th place rose to 34th  place, which is significant progress. "Thus, we can fix that Armenia  consistently records rapid progress in all international reports,"  Pashinyan emphasized.  

At the same time, Heritage Foundation advised Armenia to increase the  efficiency of vessels. According to the Foundation's experts, it is  precisely the changes in the judicial system that will help make the  Armenian economy even more free.

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