Wednesday, March 25 2020 20:08
Karina Manukyan

Torosyan: Mobilized forces will allow Armenia to counteract  coronavirus for a long time

Torosyan: Mobilized forces will allow Armenia to counteract  coronavirus for a long time

ArmInfo.The mobilized forces will allow Armenia to counteract the coronavirus for a long time. The head of the RA Ministry of Health Arsen Torosyan stated this from the  parliamentary rostrum on March 25.

Torosyan informed that work is currently underway to increase beds in  medical facilities allocated for the treatment of patients with  coronavirus. The matter concerns Clinical Infectious diseases  Hospital "Nork", Police Hospital, Orthopedics Center and MC "Surb  Astvatsatsin". In total, their bed capacity is 650 beds. In addition,  patients with mild or no symptoms are treated in the infectious wards  of Vanadzor and Gyumri medical centers.

Given the increasing cases of coronavirus, several treatment options  for patients are being considered. For example, patients without  symptoms or with mild symptoms can receive treatment not in a  hospital, but in a quarantine zone or at home - while ensuring  medical control. In the worst case scenario, that is, with a sharp  increase in cases of coronavirus, treatment of patients can be  organized in the hall type rooms, which were not originally intended  for the provision of medical services. The Minister informed that at  the moment there are 42 mechanical ventilation devices for the  treatment of patients with coronavirus, of which only one is  currently used - for a patient who is in serious condition. A process  is underway to acquire seven more ventilation devices. Torosyan  informed that the shortage of ventilation devices is observed all  over the world, and China is their main supplier. As for European  countries, some of them, due to the lack of this equipment, have  imposed restrictions on its export. Despite this, Armenia continues  to work towards the acquisition of an additional number of mechanical  ventilation devices. To recall, 265 cases of coronavirus were  detected in Armenia, 16 people recovered.

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