Thursday, March 19 2020 13:01
Karina Manukyan

Torosyan: There are no threats to the life of patients with  coronavirus

Torosyan: There are no threats to the life of patients with  coronavirus

ArmInfo. In Armenia, the condition of patients with coronavirus COVID-19 is assessed as satisfactory, there is no threat to their life. The Minister of Health of the Republic of Armenia Arsen Torosyan stated this at a government meeting on March 19.

As the Minister informed, only five out of 115 patients have body  temperature exceeding 38 degrees. At the same time, there are no  patients with a body temperature of 39 degrees and above. The fight  against coronavirus continues in the same way: the identification of  patients, the establishment of a circle of contacting people and  their isolation. In some cases, a self-isolation mechanism is also  used.

Speaking about the situation in the world, Torosyan drew attention to  the fact that China managed to extinguish the outbreak of  coronavirus, and the day before, not a single new internal infection  of COVID- 19 was detected in the country. Meanwhile, the virus  continues to spread in European countries, especially in Italy, Spain  and France. Analysis of the situation shows that deaths from  coronavirus are mainly recorded among people over 70 years of age, as  well as chronic patients. With this in mind, the Minister pointed out  the need to pay special attention to this category of persons in  Armenia.

"When we talk about the prevalence of coronavirus in the world, it is  also necessary to take into account the ability of certain countries  to detect COVID-19 by testing," he said. At the same time, he also  pointed out that in Britain, people who have a fever amid the absence  of serious symptoms, the authorities recommend that they stay at home  and not go out and work. Thus, they do not go to the doctor and,  accordingly, are not taken into account. This experience, as noted by  Torosyan, can also be taken into account. 


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