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Chief of General Staff of Armenia addressed to parents of conscripted  soldiers

Chief of General Staff of Armenia addressed to parents of conscripted  soldiers

ArmInfo. Chief of the General Staff of Armenia Artak Davtyan addressed to parents of conscripted soldiers.

Thus, according to the RA Ministry of Defense, Davtyan message, in particular, states:"Dear compatriots, the outbreak of a new type of  coronavirus is expanding its borders every day, including in Armenia.  Faced with the serious threat of coronavirus Armenian authorities  announced a state of emergency in order to prevent the wide spread of  infection, and its negative impact on the country's economy.

The military personnel is the highest value for the RA Armed Forces,  and everything possible is done to refrain them from health problems.  In this situation, and in order to prevent the penetration of the  virus into the army, I turn to you: for no good reason, do not  interfere in the large-scale activities and ongoing measures to  prevent the spread of coronavirus that are undertaken by the command  of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Healtcare and other government  agencies; with understanding that soldiers are not granted leave,  since these steps are aimed at the maximum exclusion of soldiers from  contact with civilians, possible carriers of the virus; avoid sending  military personnel food, hygiene and other means.

Moreover, during telephone conversations, if someone from your family  or friends fell ill with the virus, do not inform the servicemen  about it so as not to spread panic among them. By showing maximum  restraint and caution, you will give your sons the opportunity to  steadily fulfill the tasks assigned to them. I am convinced that  thanks to our joint work and mutual understanding, we will be able to  overcome this challenge. 

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