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David Stepanyan

Political strategist: There is no political and legal assessment of  "formers" in Pashinyan`s Goris theses,

Political strategist: There is no political and legal assessment of  "formers" in Pashinyan`s Goris theses,

ArmInfo. In Goris's theses of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, I personally don't see a political, especially legal assessment of the "former". A similar opinion was  expressed by ArmInfo political strategist Vigen Hakobyan.

"In the end, Armenian society has already given a political  assessment to the former regime, forcing it to leave. Similar  assessments and theses in one form or another have been repeatedly  voiced by the authorities, both in Armenia and abroad. The difference  between the text read by the prime minister in Goris with all these  statements perhaps, this time that Pashinyan put together everything  said above together on paper, "he stressed.

On March 11, Pashinyan at a meeting in Goris read out a declaration  evaluating the activities of all his predecessors. According to the  document, not a single election in Armenia from 1995 to 2018 did not  reflect the will of the people, with the exception of the May 1999  parliamentary elections, however, annulled by the October 27  terrorist attack. Moreover, the president, parliament, government,  and all courts served narrow group interests, overshadowing the  national and state interests of Armenia and the people.  The final  version of the declaration will be presented on March 31 or April 2  after discussion with the company and possible additions.

The last point is the discussion of the declaration with society, the  political strategist associates with Pashinyan's favorite method of  attracting as many citizens as possible to the discussion of a  particular problem. In this particular case, this is the desire to  attract as many voters as possible to participate in the referendum.  According to Hakobyan, the prime minister also used similar  technologies in the days of the "velvet revolution", urging citizens  to block the streets, honk and even knock pans at night.  "It is  clear that the topic of the Constitutional Court is not understood by  most citizens and therefore is not very interesting. And Pashinyan is  well aware of this. Hence the need to present people with a  referendum on the dismissal of several people in the light of the  ongoing political, popular struggle against the criminal past," the  political strategist summed up.

On February 10, Armenian President Armen Sargsyan signed a decree on  holding a referendum on constitutional amendments on April 5.  Earlier, at an extraordinary sitting of the National Assembly of  Armenia on February 6, the deputies voted "for" the issue of the need  to adopt amendments to the Constitution, providing for the  termination of the powers of the chairman and members of the  Constitutional Court for a referendum. We are talking about article  213 of the Constitution governing the tenure of members and the  chairman of the Constitutional Court. The adoption of the amendments  will allow to dismiss 7 of the 9 judges of the Constitutional Court. 

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