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Ani Mshetsyan

Parliamentary parties measure swords around referendum

Parliamentary parties measure swords around referendum

ArmInfo.In Armenia, a campaign for revolution rather than a referendum is being carried out. Iveta Tonoyan, the MP from the Prosperous Armenia faction, said this at a  briefing in parliament on March 9.

The MP noted that their party is following the campaign, and it is  obvious that at this stage almost no mention is made of the  referendum, the main emphasis is on the revolution and its  achievements. "I still hope that this trend will be overcome, and the  authorities will be able to clearly explain to citizens what the need  for this referendum is. It seems to me that the actions of the  authorities have their own clear plan, which they follow," Tonoyan  noted.

In turn, MP from the My Step faction Sisak Gabrielyan noted that he  had no doubt that at the upcoming referendum on constitutional  amendments, most citizens would vote "for" their adoption.

"While we are campaigning in Yerevan, and have not reached the  regions, however, I would like to note that our citizens are mostly  informed about the upcoming referendum and are quite positive.  Figuratively speaking, out of the 100 people who campaigned, 98 were  supporters of the referendum and intend to say "Yes." This is what  inspires us with confidence that we will gain the necessary number of  votes, "the MP emphasized.

Gabrielyan also assured reporters that the activities of the Prime  Minister and the campaign are clearly delineated. "I would like to  note that Nikol Pashinyan takes part in the campaign not as a prime  minister, but as a private person. We all know that according to the  law" On the referendum ", campaigning by a government official at the  time he is in the line of duty can be carried out, "he said.

In general, members of the Bright Armenia party also agreed with this  opinion. Head of the faction, Edmon Marukyan, noted that the current  government enjoys great legitimacy in society. However, according to  the MP, there are citizens in Armenia who do not share the opinion of  the authorities about the upcoming referendum.

"We represent the opinion of these people. It is unacceptable to draw  any kind of dividing lines here, everyone has the right to their own  opinion. Now the situation in the country is so tense and the  persecution in social networks is so active that many people are  forced to remain silent. They do not want to raise exciting their  issues, as they are afraid of becoming victims of this persecution.  Thus, the authorities actually destroy dissent in the country,  "Marukyan emphasized.

As for the referendum itself, the MP stressed that the Bright Armenia  does not participate in it and does not interfere in anything. "The  only thing we hope for is that a posted poster with our name,  published on social networks, will be deleted," the Bright Armenia  head summed up.  It should be noted that at an extraordinary sitting  of the National Assembly of Armenia on February 6, the MPs voted  "for" the issue of the need to adopt amendments to the Constitution,  providing for the termination of the powers of  the Head and members  of the Constitutional Court for a referendum. We are talking about  article 213 of the Constitution governing the tenure of members and  the Head of the Constitutional Court. The adoption of the amendments  will allow to dismiss the current composition of the Constitutional  Court and carry out reforms in the judicial sector. 

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