Friday, February 28 2020 09:39
Alina Hovhannisyan

Gastro-yard and museum of kamancha opened in Ashtarak

Gastro-yard and museum of kamancha opened in Ashtarak

ArmInfo.The regular gastro yard was opened in Ashtarak within the framework of the UNDP Integrated Rural Tourism Development program. According to the  Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, a kamancha museum was  opened at the gastro-yard (Armenian national four-stringed musical  instrument - Ed. note).

The gastro-yard in Ashtarak is unique as in addition to the Armenian  national cuisine, tourists will also get acquainted with the culture  of the country. In this particular case, the guests of the Ashtarak  gastro-yard will learn about kamancha, about the process of its  manufacture, and will even be able to enjoy during dinner the  musicians playing this instrument.

As of today, 35 gastro-yards are already operating in the republic,  of which 23 contain a wine component.  According to UNDP program  coordinator Arman Vanesyan, wine gastronomy yards are open not only  in areas famous for their wine-making culture. A similar approach, he  said, helps to improve the quality of the wine produced. "Within the  framework of the program, we provide the villager with equipment and  specialist services, which helps to improve the quality of wines,"  Vanesyan said. In particular, he referred to the experience of the  beneficiary of one of the wine gastro-yards, who, based on high  demand, increased the grape harvest from 1 ton to 5 tons. Moreover,  income from tourists increased from 3 thousand to 6-10 thousand  drams.

In total, within the framework of this program, 60 gastro-yards will  be opened throughout the republic, which will create jobs for  residents of rural areas. The total cost of the program is $ 3  million. Of this amount, $ 500 thousand was allocated for the  construction of gastro-yards. The Ministry of Economy of the Republic  of Armenia additionally allocated 60 million drams for the   implementation of the program. 

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