Tuesday, February 25 2020 20:52
Alexandr Avanesov

S. Papikyan: The Civil Contract party has been and remains the  political force that brings innovation and new thinking

S. Papikyan: The Civil Contract party has been and remains the  political force that brings innovation and new thinking

ArmInfo. The Civil Contract party has been and remains the political force that brings innovation and new thinking. On February 25, during the fundraising campaign for  the constitutional referendum, the head of the "Yes" campaign  headquarters, the Minister of Territorial Administration and  Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikyan stated.

According to him, if in the past political processes affected the  interests of only one political force, then the Civil Contract party  aims to involve broad sections of society in political processes.  After the velvet revolution, the minister continued, the citizens of  the country got the opportunity to form effective authorities.  Papikyan recalled that a constitutional referendum will be held on  April 5, during which the country's citizens will have to make  another important decision, and raising funds for a campaign will  allow the "Yes" headquarters to be more actively involved in this  process. Moreover, even 1 dram, which will be collected from 1  thousand citizens, will be important because it will involve as many  people as possible. The minister also emphasized that an active  campaign will be held before April 2.

In turn, the speaker of the Armenian parliament Ararat Mirzoyan  expressed categorical disagreement with the prevailing opinion that a  referendum is being held in Armenia for the sake of one member of the  Constitutional Court. According to him, the real price of the issue  is the fate of democracy in the country.  The speaker noted that in  strong democratic countries all branches of power are divided, and  Armenia should not lag behind these processes. He emphasized that the  authorities in their actions are guided exclusively by the provisions  of the Basic Law, in particular, its 1.2 and 3 articles, the  protection of democratic values and institutional guarantees. The  speaker expressed confidence that a truly independent, objective and  impartial Constitutional Court will be formed following the results  of the referendum and subsequent events in Armenia. He called on  citizens to say yes to the referendum and take an active part in it. 

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