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Karina Manukyan

8.8% rise in crime recorded in Armenia in 2019

8.8% rise in crime recorded in Armenia in 2019

ArmInfo. In 2019, the total number of registered crimes in Armenia increased by 8.8% or by 2 172 cases (i.e. 26 850 cases against 24 678). As reported by the RA  Police press service, the Deputy Head of the Police Artur Martirosyan  said during the January 23 meeting of the board.

The increase in crime, in particular, is due to an increase in cases  of theft, traffic violations, the manufacture, storage and sale of  counterfeit funds and securities. 82.2% of crimes revealed during the  year are crimes of small and medium gravity. In addition, in 2019, as  a result of large-scale operational and preventive measures, the  crime growth rate was almost 4-fold reduced. In addition, over the  previous year, cases when citizens contacted the police about  previously unreported crimes increased by 10.4%.

In the overall structure of crime, the downward trend in the  proportion of crimes against the person continued (from 20.1% to  16.0%), while an increase in the proportion of crimes against  property (from 48.8% to 52.9%) was recorded. The efficiency of  revealing serious crimes is 34.0%, especially serious crimes - 57.8%:

During the reporting period, both the efficiency of work on the  disclosure of both crimes in criminal cases suspended in previous  years and crimes in criminal cases suspended in connection with  failure to identify a criminal has increased.

Last year, 1,280 cases of corruption-related crimes were revealed,  324 of which were cases of bribery, 225 - embezzlement using official  position, 135 - official forgery, 299 - abuse of power, 60 - abuse of  power.  During the reporting year, 4,799 road accidents were  registered in Armenia, as a result of which 341 people died and 6,801  were injured. 

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