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Karina Manukyan

Lena Nazaryan harshly answered those who criticize the Prime  Minister`s family

Lena Nazaryan harshly answered those who criticize the Prime  Minister`s family

ArmInfo. Vice-Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Lena Nazaryan gave a harsh answer to the criticizing the family of RA Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyan.

In particular, on her Facebook page, she wrote: <Have you noticed  that the greatest intolerance in the campaign against the prime  minister is caused by his family's courage to lead a public life? The  anti- government forces are making nervous calls for the prime  minister to keep his family from social activities, to refrain from  "inappropriate" opinions and not interfere in public life. It is not  directly stated, but between the lines the fact of manifestations of  human and personal qualities is denied.

The target is the husband's encouragement of the spouse's social  activities, the ability to listen to and voice each other's opinions,  undisguised love and affection for his family. And the question  arises: why is the publicity of this family, the manifestations of  care and love for each other, the preferences of a simple life that  are available to almost every family living in Armenia, become a  target? Obviously, in certain contexts, such personal preferences as,  for example, which country's brand clothing to wear, where to relax,  how to celebrate New Year, who to visit, what book to read and what  kind of watch to wear, can become political issues, especially in  political speculation.

And so, when a family of political and public interest demonstrates  its personal choice, numerous topics of political speculation burst  like a bubble. And this, of course, is a big problem for those  circles that are looking for a reason to undermine the human  confidence in the Prime Minister and his authority. Therefore,  nervous calls for restraint are heard so that we can freely spread  the myths about the luxurious clothes and relaxation of the Prime  Minister's family, and undermine our confidence that the Prime  Minister is one of us.

I note that I am delighted when a husband is proud of his worthy  wife, very concerned when he openly expresses his love for children,  especially daughters, and inspires when this is done simply, directly  and transparently, in front of everyone, as a worthy example.  Although human and equal relations are simply their way of life, but  in terms of political culture it is revolutionary.

Where ideas <girl Jan, stay out of this> and <these are adult games>  sound, where inequality and a desire to show young women their place  reigns, freedom of expression of the Prime Minister's daughter is of  great value to me. The status of the Prime Minister is temporary, but  the political influence of this simple, human lifestyle of the Prime  Minister's family will be lasting. For this we have carried out a  revolution, a civilizational revolution>. 

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