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David Stepanyan

Forecast: Iran`s desire to achieve the USA withdrawal from the Middle  East is achievable

Forecast: Iran`s desire to achieve the USA withdrawal from the Middle  East is achievable

ArmInfo. The confrontation between Iran and the USA is by no means a classic model of such conflicts. Director of the Center for Strategic Studies "Ashkhar"  Hrachya Arzumanyan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

"In any case, this confrontation involves the use of a particular  type of warfare in order to force the enemy to surrender for the sake  of his own free will. The US aims to achieve a change of power in  Iran and, accordingly, its rejection of regional ambitions. If it is  still possible to imagine in the first part, it is difficult to  imagine Iran giving up its centuries-old role in the Middle East, "he  said.

Tehran, in turn, according to the analyst, seeks to achieve the US  withdrawal from the Middle East, which may well be achievable as a  result of the current round of confrontation. According to  Arzumanyan, primarily due to some coincidence of Iran's goals with  the strategic plans of the United States, seeking to focus on  relations with China and the Asia-Pacific region.

In this light, according to the analyst, to get involved in another  in the next, unpromising war with Iran has long been out of the US  interests. The latter are no longer dependent on Middle Eastern  hydrocarbons, which allows them to focus on ensuring the security of  Israel, in conditions of their own direct military presence in the  region.  

"At the same time, the US withdrawal will lead to tectonic changes in  the region, the emergence of completely new situations and scenarios  that will be subject to rethinking from Yerevan. Iran's closest goal  in this sense is to push the Americans out of Iraq. At the same time,  Iran itself found itself in a very difficult situation and is forced  to respond to many challenges and threats, "he stressed.  

"On the other hand, all these challenges and threats contain  opportunities. In this light, Tehran could well the use the current  situation on its favor, first of all, given its own capabilities in  the Middle East. Over the past decades, largely through the efforts  of the United States, the situation in this region is in favor of  Iran.  In this light, I do not expect a decrease in Iran's presence  and capabilities in the Middle East, " Arzumanyan summed up.

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