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Marianna Mkrtchyan

RA MFA: Adoption of resolution on recognition of Armenian Genocide by  US Senate is a real decisive step towards justice

RA MFA: Adoption of resolution on recognition of Armenian Genocide by  US Senate is a real decisive step towards justice

ArmInfo.The adoption by the US Senate of a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide is indeed a decisive step towards justice, truth and international  recognition of the events of 1915. On December 13, official  representative of Armenia's Foreign Ministry Anna Naghdalyan said  this during a briefing in Yerevan.

According to her, this is also a tribute to the memory of the victims  of this crime. "Moreover, this step plays an important role in the  prevention of new genocides. Unfortunately, genocidal actions and  trends have not remained on the pages of history, and even today, the  descendants of victims of the genocide who escaped genocide are  facing identity violence," Naghdalyan said, emphasizing in this  context that from this point of view, the decision of the Senate is  not only encouraging, but also relevant.

She once again expressed gratitude to all members of the Senate in  the person of Robert Menendez and Ted Cruz. Naghdalyan also expressed  special gratitude to the Armenian organizations of the United States  and American society for their active work in this process. She also  said it was noteworthy that this Senate decision was made on days  when the world celebrates the International Day of Remembrance of the  Victims of the Crime of Genocide, Honoring Their Dignity and  Preventing this Crime.

Touching upon criticism voiced by Turkey in this regard, Naghdalyan  noted that this is not the first and not the last such statement  voiced by Ankara in connection with the international recognition of  the Armenian Genocide. "And the denial of the Armenian Genocide,  based on vital regional interests, once again testifies that Turkey  is a threat to the security of the Armenian people," said the  spokeswoman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry, adding that no matter  what pressure is exerted by Ankara historical truth will pave the way  to victory.

Yesterday in the fourth attempt, the US Senate unanimously adopted a  resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire.  Resolution No. 150 was initiated and introduced by Senators Robert  Menendez and Ted Cruz. The previous three attempts were unsuccessful  due to the fact that other senators vetoed the resolution at the  request of the White House administration. Ankara has already issued  a statement accusing Washington of attempting to politicize history  and emphasized that this will negatively affect bilateral relations.

It should be reminded that the House of Representatives of the  Congress adopted resolutions on the recognition of the Armenian  Genocide by a majority of votes on October 29. Turkey then criticized  this step of the House of Congress, stressing that it rejects this  document.

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