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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Hysteria continues in Turkey in connection with adoption by US Senate  of resolution on Armenian Genocide

Hysteria continues in Turkey in connection with adoption by US Senate  of resolution on Armenian Genocide

ArmInfo. Hysteria continues in Turkey in connection with the adoption by the US Senate of a resolution on the Armenian Genocide.

Thus, responding to this news, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut  Cavusoglu called the US Senate resolution "recognition of the events  of 1915 in the Ottoman State as the Armenian Genocide" a "political  show".

"The Senate resolution is nothing more than a political show. It does  not have any legal force," the diplomat wrote on his Twitter, the  agency reports Anadolu.

According to the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the initiators  of the adoption by the US Senate of a resolution on the Armenian  Genocide are "cowards who manipulate history for political purposes  and are afraid to face the truth".

Following Chavushoglu? A statement was made by the Minister of  Justice of Turkey, Abdulhamit Gul, who condemned the decision of the  US Senate on the events of 1915 in the Ottoman state. "The decision  of the members of the upper house of the American Congress does not  represent any significance for Turkey and the Turkish people," the  minister emphasized during a trip to the eastern province of Van. The  head of the Turkish Ministry of Justice called on the United States  not to use historical events for political purposes, including on the  issue of "contrived Armenian Genocide." According to Gul, such  actions will not benefit any state in the world. The minister  recalled that Turkey at the leadership level has repeatedly stated  its readiness to open its archives to clarify all the events of the  last years of the Ottoman state. "Turkey is ready to cooperate with  scientists on this issue. We believe in the validity of our position.  At the same time, attempts to turn the historical events of a  certain" Damocles Sword "are doomed to failure. We do not recognize  the decision of American lawmakers, either political, legal or  historical points of view, "said Gul.  The head of the Ministry of  Justice emphasized that the Turkish people are the only ones in the  region who have never in history been dependent on other countries.  "Countries whose history is full of bloody events have no right to  blame Turkey by distorting historical realities," the head of the  department added. On the eve of the fourth attempt, the US Senate  unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide in  the Ottoman Empire. Resolution No. 150 was initiated and introduced  by Senators Robert Menendez and Ted Cruz. The previous three attempts  were unsuccessful due to the fact that other senators vetoed the  resolution at the request of the White House administration. Ankara  has already issued a statement accusing Washington of attempting to  politicize history and emphasized that this will negatively affect  bilateral relations.

It should be reminded that the House of Representatives of the  Congress adopted resolutions on the recognition of the Armenian  Genocide by a majority of votes on October 29. Turkey then criticized  this step of the House of Congress, stressing that it rejects this  document.

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