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Pashinyan: Fighting corruption is not a concert at the request of  viewers

Pashinyan: Fighting corruption is not a concert at the request of  viewers

ArmInfo. Armenian Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyan was surprised by the reaction of a number of citizens regarding the criminal prosecution of the 3rd President  of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. Pashinyan said this on December 9 at the  expert forum "Combating corruption for the Sustainable Development  Goals".

"A few days ago, Serzh Sargsyan was charged with a corruption case,  and I was surprised by some responses that say: it's funny that Serzh  Sargsyan was charged with abuse of 400 million drams. I understand  that there are people in the republic who represent the fight against  corruption in in the form of a concert at the request of viewers,  when it is said that an application has been received from the  government or the prime minister, I ask you to initiate a criminal  case against Serzh Sargsyan within 400 million drams. ask: why did I  order a 400 millionth, say, rather than a four billionth business.  Incidentally, corruption thinking and this perception of the fight  against corruption are a continuation of each other. That is, in  fact, we are dealing with the same origin as is perceived the fight  against corruption and how the need to fight corruption is perceived,  "he said.

Recall that the third president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan is accused  of organizing embezzlement on an especially large scale - about 500  million drams. Serzh Sargsyan was charged on the grounds of clause 1  of part 3 of Art. 38-179 of the Criminal Code of RA - an act  dangerous to society. We are talking about the state program approved  in 2013 by the Government on more affordable acquisition of diesel  fuel for spring agricultural work. According to the investigation,  Sargsyan, having exceeded his official authority, facilitated the  purchase of diesel fuel from Flash Ltd at higher prices.

As a preventive measure, a recognizance not to leave was taken from  Sargsyan. Investigative measures in the framework of the criminal  case are ongoing. On December 6, the defense side of Serzh Sargsyan  appealed against the decision of the Special Investigation Service on  his criminal prosecution. A corresponding complaint was received by  the General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia.

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