Friday, December 6 2019 13:59
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Deputy Minister: The condition of a soldier injured in unclear  circumstances is extremely serious

Deputy Minister: The condition of a soldier injured in unclear  circumstances is extremely serious

ArmInfo. The Armenian Ministry of Defense called on citizens not to distribute unverified information related to the army, especially if it concerns such  sensitive topics as the death or injury of military personnel. So, on  December 6 at a press conference in Yerevan, Deputy Minister of  Defense of the Republic of Armenia Gabriel Balayan responded to a  request to comment on the statements of the successor of deceased  serviceman Arthur Ajamyan Hayarpi Sargsyan that this is not the first  case of glaring incidents where the deceased served.

According to Balayan, many of the statements made by Sargsyan are  simply unfounded and have been repeatedly refuted, including in terms  of rape. "And we should not forget about the battle route of the  division in question. I would like to note that the division has  changed according to the planned rotation, but I would like to say  that this division, where the brave Kyaram Sloyan, officer Armen  Urfakyan, served.  Therefore, I strongly  urge that before  replicating any information received from your sources, check it with  the Ministry of Defense. We are always open for interaction, "Balayan  said, adding also that the widespread information that the wounded  soldier is still in a military hospital in Stepanakert, meanwhile, he  was moved to Yerevan two days ago and even underwent surgery.

To clarify what his condition was, Balayan noted that, despite the  positive dynamics, doctors assess his condition as extremely serious.  He also emphasized that a criminal case had been opened on the fact  and proper investigative measures were being taken.

In this context, he also touched on the condition of the Armenian  officer, was wounded by the enemy and noted that he was also  underwent surgery and is recovering, and soon it will even be  possible to talk with him.

To recall, on December 2, even under unclear circumstances in  Nagorno-Karabakh, one soldier died and the second was injured. So,  according to the press service of the Artsakh Defense Army, on  December 2, at about 06:50 local time, Arthur Ajamyan's body (born in  1998) was found at one of the combat positions of the NKR Armed  Forces with fatal gunshot wounds, and  a solider David Melikbekyan  (born in 1999)  was found wounded. A criminal case was  opened on the fact of RA IC, an investigation is underway.  We also  note that on December 4 the relatives of the deceased soldier held  a  protest in front of the Armenian parliament demanding that the  perpetrator of the death of their son be held accountable. 

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