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David Stepanyan

Oppositionist: Wishing good luck to the Pashinyan government, we are  not going to give up criticism of his work

Oppositionist: Wishing good luck to the Pashinyan government, we are  not going to give up criticism of his work

ArmInfo.Wishing good luck to the government of Nikol Pashinyan, we, nevertheless, are by no means going to refuse to criticize him. Opposition exists to criticize  unsuccessful, incorrect steps of the government. A similar opinion  was expressed by ArmInfo Vice- Chairman of the Armenian National  Congress Aram Manukyan.

"We want the government to succeed in using the people's mandate for  power precisely for the good of the people, to increase the  international rating of Armenia. We want the government to achieve  all the goals that the revolution set. However, wishing them good  luck, we are not going to give away eyes from their rather frequent  mistakes and, of course, we will criticize the government, "he  stressed.

Among such mistakes, and gross ones, Manukyan singled out part of  Milan's speech by Prime Minister Pashinyan regarding, including the  first president of Armenia, ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan.   Expressing concern over such a statement, the politician emphasized  the inadmissibility on the part of Pashinyan of adjustments in his  biography in order to abandon his own past in the ANC.

Speaking at the Armenian Church of Milan on November 21, Prime  Minister Nikol Pashinyan described the country's leaders, who have no  confidence in the people, regardless of their personality, as evil.   According to the prime minister, since 1996, all the leaders of the  country who took and hold this post without popular trust were evil.

The oppositionist is convinced of the inadmissibility of Pashinyan's  behavior as prime minister as the leader of a party or political  movement. According to him, the country's prime minister should show  great restraint and seriousness in relation to the past. Moreover,  Manukyan proposes to open all the documents related to the 1996  presidential election with the aim of developing a final, clear  assessment of those elections.

"Many people don't know what really happened in 1996, subsequently  succumbing to Robert Kocharian's anti-propaganda against the ANM.  Vazgen Manukyan attacked the parliament on September 25 just three  days after the election, without waiting for an answer to his own  complaint to the Constitutional Court. He he demolished the  parliament building with his supporters and dashnaktsakans. And this  was done by a person who considers himself to be the president. After  that Manukyan repeatedly acted on the side of the authorities,  working out their patronage with all his activity, "the opposition  emphasized. stockholder.

According to the oppositionist, there were more violations in favor  of Ter-Petrosyan in 1996 in favor of Manukyan. Thus, if there were  falsifications, they took place directly at polling stations and were  not coordinated by the authorities. In order to prevent further such  fundamentally incorrect statements by Prime Minister Pashinyan, the  deputy chairman of the ANC suggests creating a commission. According  to his estimates, this commission would have to study all the  documentation that existed in the 1996 elections and come to a final  conclusion regarding the compliance of their results with the  legislation in force at that time. 


В политике, я лично, как и АНК, позиционирую себя в качестве оппозиции действующей власти, которая виляет и юлит, уводя общество в дебри глобализационного безумия. Власть готова выжать из поверивших им последние силы во имя...абстрактных прогресса и процветания. Создание комиссии по выборам 1996-го года было бы очень желательно, чтобы уберечь общество от деятелей типа Р.Кочаряна - кобры, и В.Манукяна - скорпиона, парализующих волю простых граждан.

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