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Verbal refusal of European integration of official Baku - Russia`s  message: We are with you. Give us back Karabakh!

Verbal refusal of European integration of official Baku - Russia`s  message: We are with you. Give us back Karabakh!

ArmInfo.Ilham Aliyev's statement on the rejection of European integration is Russia's message, said Azerbaijani political analyst Hikmet Hajizade.

Recall that at a government meeting in Baku, Aliyev said the  following: "The spiritual crisis, the economic crisis have become a  reality in Europe, which makes us think to what extent Azerbaijan  should integrate into European structures?" He called on officials,  deputies and society to stop talking about the irreversibility of the  European vector. "Think in what capacity they want to accept  Azerbaijan there? As a secondary member, as a country to the side of  the fire."

According to Turan News Agency, Hajizadeh rated this statement as  "tragic". <Firstly, all constitutional documents of Azerbaijan  reflect the course towards European integration. The National  Security Concept of Azerbaijan indicates the priority of European  integration. This document has been adopted by parliament. The  president's speech contradicts this. It is simply surprising>, - said  political analyst Hikmet Hajizade. He found it difficult to  unequivocally talk about the reasons for Aliyev's statement. However,  the political scientist is inclined to believe that this is the  message of Russia. <Apparently in Baku they want to show that we  won't go in that direction (Europe). We are with you. Give us back  Karabakh>, said Hajizade.  Recently, Aliyev's accusatory statements  against the Popular Front and Musavat have served the same thing.  <This is the message that <we will not allow the development of  pro-Western forces>, - says Hajizade.

Political scientist Gabil Huseynli expressed a different opinion. He  believes that Azerbaijan is in no hurry to sign a new partnership  agreement with the EU, because in it the EU does not express  unequivocal support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. At  the same time, the political scientist sees messages in I.  Aliyev's  statement testifying to the success of the visit to Russia recently  by First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva. Huseynli noted that Russia  clearly opposed the cooperation of the countries of the region with  NATO. In his opinion, probably, Baku has taken a course on deepening  partnership with Russia.  At the same time, according to the  political scientist, the Azerbaijani authorities, taking into account  the unlimited possibilities of Russia to influence regional issues,  are trying to neutralize it on the Karabakh issue.

At the same time, the expert, drawing attention to the meeting on the  eve of Baku's meeting with the chief of the general staff of the  Russian Armed Forces and the chairman of the NATO committee, pointed  out the political maneuvering of Azerbaijan between world power  centers. <So far, in the Karabakh issue, Azerbaijan cannot secure the  unequivocal support of either the West or Russia. However, he  probably considers Russia a more favorable space and therefore Baku  is stepping up efforts in this direction>, Huseynli said.

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