Wednesday, November 20 2019 15:49
Karina Manukyan

Tigran Avinyan: Constitutional reforms may be on our agenda

Tigran Avinyan: Constitutional reforms may be on our agenda

ArmInfo.Both our international partners and we came to the conclusion that there is a  crisis in the Constitutional Court of Armenia, for the solution of  which it is necessary to find a solution. Deputy Prime Minister of  the Government of Armenia Tigran Avinyan stated this in a  conversation with reporters on November 20.

As noted, this crisis has been brewing for a long time, including  taking into account the circumstances of the election of the head of  the Constitutional Court. Meanwhile, according to him, the proposals  proposed by the Government to resolve the crisis around the  Constitutional Court are constructive. Avinyan emphasized that this  process should be implemented until the situation is completely  resolved.

Answering the question of whether it is possible to carry out  Constitutional reforms in connection with the crisis in the  Constitutional Court, the Deputy Prime Minister said: . 

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