Friday, November 15 2019 14:13
Karina Manukyan

Vazgen Manukyan did not disclose his sources of financing

Vazgen Manukyan did not disclose his sources of financing

ArmInfo. Former head of the  Public Council of Armenia (PCA)Vazgen Manukyan prefers not to  disclose the sources of funding for the Vernatun socio-political  club, of which he is the founder.

In the course of the club's forum today, the fact that public figures  associated with past authorities took part in the event did not hide  from the media's attention. Meanwhile, Manukyan chose to evade the  question of whether "Vernatun" is financed by persons related to  former Armenian presidents Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan.

Answering journalists' questions, the former head of the PCA said  that the club operates on private donations. <Go to the banks and get  information>, he advised the media.

As for the presence of people on the forum who are opposed to the  current leadership of the country, here Manukyan called on the  journalists "not to divide the society into black and white", noting  that this separation causes him "severe pain".

We add that among the forum participants, in particular, the press  secretary of the former President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan -  Viktor Soghomonyan, the former deputy head of the Heritage party  Rubik Hakobyan, as well as the political and public figure David  Shahnazaryan (previously a candidate for the Republican Party  Armenia).

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