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Karina Manukyan

Vazgen Manukyan stepped up

Vazgen Manukyan stepped up

ArmInfo. Former head of the  Public Council of Armenia Vazgen Manukyan became active in the  political arena: on November 15, the forum of the Vernatun social and  political club founded by him started in Yerevan.

Recall that Vazgen Manukyan, when he was the head of the Public  Council, began to publicly make political statements, including on  the Karabakh issue. Just the other day, he resigned, explaining his  decision, among other things, by the fact that he was not able to get  in touch with the Prime Minister to discuss pressing issues.

During today's forum, Manukyan again made critical statements against  the current authorities, criticizing, in particular, the fight  against corruption, which, he said, could not be carried out "laying  on asphalt".  "There are laws for this," he recalled.

Meanwhile, Manukyan admitted that the desire of the authorities to  combat corruption was somewhat softened the prevailing situation. He  also agreed that in the past there really were major corrupt  officials and "large-scale crimes", but this reason was used, as he  put it, to "erase the whole past".

<There were five to seven people in respect of whom, on the basis of  the law, this could be done, after which - draw a line and go  forward. Constantly referring to the past, we will not achieve  anything>, Manukyan noted, without voicing the names of these  "five-seven" corrupt officials.

He also pointed out that the state did not pass into the hands of the  people, and <only one person decides all issues>. <Is this what we  wanted?>, Manukyan asked, adding that <this game has no future>.  We  add that the press secretary of the ex-president of Armenia Robert  Kocharian, Victor Soghomonyan, the former deputy head of the Heritage  party Rubik Hakobyan, political and public figure David Shahnazaryan  (previously a candidate for deputy from the Republican Party of  Armenia), as well as ex- ombudsman Larisa Alaverdyan. 

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