Wednesday, November 13 2019 15:08
Naira Badalian

Armenian Prime Minister expressed hope that negotiations on visa  liberalization with EU will begin in 2019

Armenian Prime Minister expressed hope that negotiations on visa  liberalization with EU will begin in 2019

ArmInfo. After last year's events in Armenia, the number of citizens seeking asylum in the European Union fell by about 60%. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol  Pashinyan announced this at a meeting with the leaders of secular and  spiritual organizations of the Armenian community of France.

According to him, the price of real estate in Armenia over the past  1.5 years has recorded a huge increase.  According to the prime  minister this is the result of the fact that many compatriots,  numerous representatives of the old and new Diaspora are buying  property in Armenia. "The government's strategy is to create all  conditions for returning to Armenia, especially representatives of  the new Diaspora, that is, consider this as a strategic task. If  negotiations on visa liberalization begin this year, and we hope that  this happens for a final it will take some time to solve it, now I  won't turn to numbers, I'm sorry if I'm a little mistaken, but  compared to 2016 in 2018- 2019 the emigration trend declined by about  90%, " Pashinyan said.

The head of the Armenian government expressed confidence that even  before a decision on visa liberalization is found, the rate of  emigration will not only slow down by 100%, but the immigration  process will be recorded. "Our citizens will not use the visa  liberalization institution to flee Armenia, but to exercise their  right to free movement as a proud citizen of the world," Nikol  Pashinyan emphasized.

According to the Prime Minister, the authorities hope, as a result of  economic reforms, reforms in the field of education, to change image  and representations of Armenian citizens, and, in general, solving  the problem of constantly improving the level of education of  Armenian citizens, so that the appearance of any Armenian citizen in  the EU does not would have a negative impact on the image of the  people. "Armenia should be proud of the Diaspora, and the Diaspora  should be proud of Armenia. This is a task that we must solve  together, and I'm sure that we will solve this problem," the Prime  Minister concluded. 

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