Tuesday, November 12 2019 14:21
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenia voiced UN issue of killing of Armenian priets  in Syria by  ISIS fighters

Armenia voiced UN issue of killing of Armenian priets  in Syria by  ISIS fighters

ArmInfo. Armenian Permanent Representative to the UN Mher Markaryan at a meeting with Adam Diengo, Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the  Organization for the Prevention of Genocide, drew the latter's  attention to such problems as the aggravation of the situation in  northeastern Syria, human losses and dangers threatening the civilian  population.  

As reported by ArmInfo in the press service of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, the Armenian Permanent  Representative to the UN pointed out threats to the Armenian  community of the SAR, as well as other national and religious  minorities, in particular, the danger of committing crimes and mass  extermination on the grounds of identity.

Markaryan also drew the attention of Diengo to the killing of  Armenian clergy in the Syrian city of Camishli and condemned this  crime, qualifying it as an attack on religious and national  minorities.  In turn, Diengo expressed condolences in connection with  the murder of Armenian clergy.  The meeting emphasized the importance  of intensifying international efforts to prevent hate crimes, mass  crimes and genocides.

The day before, terrorists attacked a car of priests heading to Deir  Ezor. As a result of the shelling of the car, the rector of the  parish of the Armenian Catholic community of Kamyshly, father Hovsep  Petoyan and his father, priest Abram Petoyan, were killed, the deacon  of the church Fati Sanon was wounded. The responsibility for the  murder of representatives of the Armenian clergy took ISIS.

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