Monday, November 11 2019 14:07
Karina Manukyan

"This struggle is not for power": Artsvik Minasyan joined students  boycotting lessons

"This struggle is not for power": Artsvik Minasyan joined students  boycotting lessons

ArmInfo.Member of the ARF Supreme Council Artsvik Minasyan joined the protest against the initiative to exclude the Armenian language, literature and history  of Armenia from the list of compulsory disciplines in universities.  "This struggle is not for power, but for the preservation of national  values," he said in an interview with reporters.

Noting that the actions of the RA Ministry of Education, Culture and  Sports are illegal, the politician noted:  "It is necessary for the  whole nation to unit around these critical issues to show the  authorities that the desire of the Armenian people to protect their  national identity is not a momentary impulse".

"The ARF is on guard of national values, and will always support  movements aimed at protecting them," Minasyan added. According to  him, young people from about 20 countries of the world joined the  appeal of support voiced by the Youth wing of the ARF. <This suggests  that the issue is gaining a nationwide character>, - said the  politician.

Earlier, RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Arayik  Harutyunyan called the actions of the protesters politically  motivated. The ministry explained that according to the working draft  law "On Higher Education and Science", each university has the right  to decide independently whether it is necessary to include Armenian  discipline in the curriculum of non-core faculties. Thus, the bill  not only does not diminish the role of the Armenian language, but, on  the contrary, consolidates the dissemination of these important  values and the training of relevant specialists.

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