Monday, November 11 2019 12:15
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenia and Iran discussed progress in implementing joint agreements

Armenia and Iran discussed progress in implementing joint agreements

ArmInfo. Yerevan calls for  the establishment of security, stability and peace in the region. The  Ambassador of Armenia to Tehran Artashes Tumanyan stated this at a  meeting with the head of the economic commission of the Iranian  parliament Elias Hazrati.

At the same time, he expressed the conviction that political  relations between the two countries are favorable.  The Armenian  ambassador stated that the Iranian and Armenian authorities at recent  meetings discussed ways to counter US sanctions and further relations  between Tehran and Yerevan.  Pointing to projects for the export of  gas and electricity from Iran to Armenia and the interim agreement of  Iran and the EAEU on the establishment of a free trade zone, the  Armenian ambassador expressed hope for the implementation of  bilateral agreements, the development of trade and increased joint  investments.  Hazrati at this meeting also called for deepening and  expanding universal ties, adding that the economic commission of the  Iranian parliament is ready to contribute to the implementation of  agreements in the field of energy transfer, IRNA reports.  Recall  that Armenia and Iran carry out a barter transaction under the scheme  of 3 kW / h of electricity from Armenia in exchange for 1 cubic meter  of gas from Iran. The annual supply of Iranian gas to Armenia is  about 300-350 million cubic meters. In the near future, the parties  intend to significantly increase the volume of barter operations due  to the construction of a 400-kilovolt Iran-Armenia power transmission  line with a total value of $ 107 million. 

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