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Marianna Mkrtchyan

The former head of the ropeway in Tsatskadzor is accused of  embezzlement in large scale and wanted

The former head of the ropeway in Tsatskadzor is accused of  embezzlement in large scale and wanted

ArmInfo.  The former  director of the company operating the ropeway in Tsatskadzor, was  involved as the accused in the framework of the criminal case on  theft during operation of the cable car. This was reported by the  press service of the RA Prosecutor General.

The ministry reminded that on April 26 of the current year, based on  the results of studies conducted by the company, a criminal case was  opened by the Prosecutor General's Office on the grounds of malicious  evasion of taxes, duties or other obligatory payments in especially  large amounts stipulated by part 2 of article 205 of the Criminal  Code RA, as well as on the grounds of crimes stipulated by clause 1  of Part 2 of Article 184 of the Criminal Code of the RA - causing  damage to the owner or other owner of property in especially large  amounts by deceit or abuse We believe that a criminal case was  opened, the preliminary investigation of which was entrusted to the  Investigative Department of the State Revenue Committee of the  Republic of Armenia.

The Prosecutor General's Office emphasized that in the course of the  research, in particular, it turned out that on December 15, 2008, the  National Olympic Committee of Armenia transferred the concession  management of the cable car to "L" limited liability company. "The  company operating the ropeway in Tsaghkadzor during 2008-2016 showed  the tax authority understated profit tax calculations. At the time of  the formation of legal relations, as the supervisor indicates, the  proceeds from the provision of services were not calculated in the  prescribed manner - about 1 billion 985 million 273 thousand drams,  taxable objects (profit) were also recorded to a lesser extent - 397  million 054 thousand drams, of which the underestimated amount of  income tax amounted to 79 million 410 thousand drams. DS, payable to  the budget, in accordance with the RA Law "On Value Added Tax", in  force at the time of formation of legal relations. This is an amount  of 397 million 054 thousand drams formed for 2008-2016 as a result of  non- payment of taxes to the state, as a whole, they caused damage in  the amount of 476 million 465 thousand drams, of which 397 million  054 thousand drams in the line of VAT, and 79 million 410 thousand  drams in the line of income tax, "the Prosecutor General reports.

The department indicates that during the investigation the prosecutor

On November 8, it was decided to bring the former head of the company  A.P., who holds this position from December 2008 to September 2017,  as the accused in the criminal case. The Prosecutor General's Office  emphasizes that when compiling sufficient evidence, justification was  obtained that the head of the company, in order to evade tax on an  especially large scale, instructed the cashiers of the company not to  provide cash receipts when selling tickets or to provide them at the  request of the client, thereby distorting fiscal data and causing  damage to the state in the amount of 476 million 465 thousand 563  drams. In addition, the company caused property damage in the amount  of 79 million 410 thousand drams to the NOC, which, according to the  agreement on concession management of the ropeway of December 15,  2008, owned 50% of the shares.  The ex-head of the company has been  put on the wanted list; moreover, a petition has been submitted to  the court for the use of arrest as a preventive measure. 

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