Wednesday, October 23 2019 14:40
Karina Manukyan

Court extended Gagik Khachatryan`s nephew arrest term

Court extended Gagik Khachatryan`s nephew arrest term

ArmInfo.On October 23, the court of general jurisdiction extended the term of the arrest for a month for Karen Khachatryan, who is nephew of former head of the  State Revenue Committee (SRC) Gagik Khachatryan. The relevant  application was submitted by the National Security Service.

It should be noted that Karen Khachatryan, who previously held the  position of head of the Department of Internal Security of the SRC,  is accused of embezzlement on an especially large scale, and Gagik  Khachatryan - of abuse of office and embezzlement on a particularly  large scale. Both of them were detained, and then - arrested at the  end of August this year. According to preliminary information,  employees who were paid salaries but who did not actually go to work  were registered with the SRC.  Karen Khachatryan and Gagik  Khachatryan have been charged under part 2 of article 308 of the RA  Criminal Code (misappropriation or embezzlement of funds on an  especially large scale) and part 2 of article 308 of the RA Criminal  Code (abuse of official authority, which entailed serious  consequences by negligence). 

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